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This is the story of how a Spa and Wellness brand went from having several bookings daily, to seeing a 45% increase in number of bookings. 


You’ve got a great service, you’re located in a pretty decent location. All you need now is for more customers to know about you and to try out your services.


More importantly, you are confident that if a prospective customer were to try your services, they would come back to your business.


But still, your walk ins are not great and you do not see as many bookings as you wanted.


For a small business that has limited marketing dollars, it is more important than ever that your resources (that includes your time and your limited marketing dollars) go to the most actionable group of customers and on marketing strategies that can first help you see a positive ROI, which can be further reinvested into growth.

About the brand

This wellness brand has 2 stores in SEA, offering a range of services from scalp treatments, facials to premium massages.

Their Priority

For the store owner, her focus was on ensuring her most prospective customers, which are those living within 1km from her spa would hear about her brand.


They were doing a series of promotions to drive the sale of packages, but she had no way of knowing if her promotions had reached sufficient people.

The Challenge

They had historically been dependent on organic footfall in the malls that they were located at.


However, that proved to be insufficient and they needed more visibility, and more customers to visit them.



They had tried printing out flyers and banners and placing them in front of the store.


The challenge was they didn’t see any meaningful uplift in the store bookings and sales.

Her 4 Prong Strategy to Growing

Prong 1 – Creating a Downloadable Digital Voucher


Instead of placing physical banners to highlight her promotions in front of the store, she took her promotion and converted the Promotion into a Downloadable Digital Voucher using SKALE.


Now, any Shopper could download her Digital Vouchers for her Spa Promotion by Submitting their Name, Email and Mobile. The best part is, she could build up a customer database, and an automated SMS and Email would be send to the Shoppers with a link for them to book online or via phone call.


Built Up 280+ Customer Details with Name, Email, Mobile

Prong 2 – Geo-Fencing to Capture Most Relevant Customer Near Store


To reach her target audience, she Pushed the Digital Vouchers as a PushAd on Facebook, Instagram and Display Ads and opted to use SKALE’s Geo-Fencing to reach the spa goers, age 25 – 50 within 1km  from her store.



This way, she could ensure her marketing dollars were spent reaching the most relevant and the most actionable people who were already around her store



Brand was able to build up a Store-level customer database for all 2 spas

Prong 3 – Tracking those who converted in-store


She was able to track the effectiveness of her Digital Vouchers through a unique set of 6-digit Pin Code that was generated for each store.



Each of the 2 outlets would have a unique set of pin code which allowed her to have Real-Time visibility on “Who visited the spa, which outlet they went to and how much they spent in-store”



Brand saw a 52% voucher redemption rate

Prong 4 – Re-engaging the Shoppers who matter


Previously, the Spa had no way of knowing who was interested in their promotion. By using Digital Vouchers, the Spa knew who had downloaded the vouchers, and who had or had not used the Digital Vouchers instore.


What the Spa did next was to then automate SKALE Personalized SMS-es to Spa goers who had downloaded voucher but had not used them in-store. From thereon, the Brand was able to further increase the booking rates.



With the customer database that they built, the Spa was now able to identify and reach the most relevant customers who lived, worked near their store via low cost communication channels like SMS and Email.

The Results


Voucher Redemption Rate


Voucher Downloads

Saw a


increase in booking rates

3 Simple Reasons to try SKALE Today

Build up Customer Database

Affordable, Pay Only When Shoppers Download

Geo-Fencing or Targeted Digital Ads

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Used by thousands of SMEs globally

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