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Create Online Ads in 4 Steps

Digital Vouchers for Physical Stores

Personalised Email & SMS Campaigns

Reach customers at 0 cost

Drive Online Traffic & Retarget Cart Abandoners

Create & Manage Your Ads in 1 Place with PushAds

Create & Launch Optimized Ads in 4 Simple Steps across Facebook, Instagram,  Google Search, Shopping and Display Ads on Top Websites for each local market


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Track Performance of Each Platform from 1 simple-to-understand dashboard


Track more than ad metrics, with SKALE conversion metrics (e.g. Add to Cart, Purchases, Voucher Download, Sales In-Store


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Compare performances across platform to optimize overall marketing


Built-in Automated Optimization for your marketing campaign


Optimized not just for reach and impression but tangible sales metrics

SKALE Smart Audience System learns from aggregated insights across all campaigns and automatically recommends target audiences for you based on your business type and geography


Get your target audience right from the onset with our ready-to-use audience groups for your business


SKALE automatically creates proprietary audience segments just for your business based on your business data (e.g. your cart abandoners, your voucher downloaders)

Increase Your In-Store Customers with Digital Vouchers

Use Highly Effective Mechanics such as Digital Vouchers to activate and motivate customers to take action


Maximise effectiveness by making customers feel that this is a promotion that is exclusive to them because they downloaded it which increases the value of the voucher


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Collect Customer Data (Name, Email, Mobile, Source of Download) each time they download a voucher


Automated SMS and Email from the Brand is sent to the Shopper once they download voucher to allow them to utilize voucher in 1 click


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No integration with POS or CRM needed in order to track voucher usage in-store


Multiple methods available for user to track voucher redemption (Unique Store Pincode, QR Code)


Real-Time Tracking of Voucher Redemption with Dashboard


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Automated Personalized Reminders sent to Shopper who downloaded voucher but did not use it


Increase repeat purchases and cross-sell opportunities using highly targeted ads and SMS / Email


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Bring Cart Abandoners and Prospects back

SKALE tracks detailed actions that Shoppers take on your Website and In-Store (e.g. Add to Cart, Voucher Downloaders) 


Automatically Segment Shoppers based on action taken to drive right action to maximise sales


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SKALE tracks product level interest to unlock personalized retargeting ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Shopping Ads and on platform level


Show personalized Ads and Products to a Shopper based on what they viewed or added to cart


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Retarget Shoppers who abandoned cart, or have not taken action to return to site through Ads, Email, SMS or In-Store Digital Coupons


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Delight Customers with SKALE’s Suite of Retail Digital Module

SKALE Pixel tracks all actions taken on your website and in-store (e.g. Store Check In, Add to Cart Online and Purchase In-Store / Online)


Stitches customer data across sources into a single customer profile


Unlocks ability for Brands to delight customers by delivering unified smart communication, marketing and experience across Ecommerce Store and In-Store

Get Your Digital Voucher Featured on PromosNear.Me

Reach more customers with PromosNear.Me, SKALE’s newly enhanced voucher marketplace, and tap on highly engaged shoppers.

Leverage on PromosNear.Me’s Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Telegram and other organic channels to reach more customers at $0 media buy!

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