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All Physical Store owners will tell you that their number 1 focus is “I want to increase my walk-ins, sales and get them coming back to shop in my store again”. 


In fact, they could be experiencing any of the following pain points:

No customer database

Targeting the right shoppers with your online ads

Re-engaging existing customers

Tracking ROI from Marketing Campaigns

So What Are Stores Doing Today?

The Challenge of Stores Relying only on Point of Sale Materials

Visible only to Shoppers At / Directly Next to your Store

Do not have visibility on who they are (Name, Email, Number)

No way to track effectiveness of Promotion

No way to ensure Shoppers return

Introducing Digital Vouchers

A simpler way to gain new customers and easily get them to return

Collect Customer Contact Details

Automatic SMS & Email Re-engagement

Track Voucher Redemptions in Real-Time

Grow Your Customer Database & Track Voucher Redemptions in Real Time

All voucher download data is tracked Real-Time and available in your SKALE Dashboard

Re-engaging existing Customers

They sent automated voucher reminders using SKALE’s Automated Reminder system

How do you use Digital Vouchers for Success?

Step 1

Created a Pushad to target nearby customers

Step 2

A SMS with a unique link is sent to each Voucher downloader

Step 3

Staff tracks voucher redemptions with unique pin code

Step 4

Automated SMS & Email reminders are sent to non voucher redeemers

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4 Simple Reasons to try Digital Vouchers

Easy to Use

Affordable, Pay Only When Shoppers Download

Save time & Increase Productivity

A New Marketing Strategy for Your Physical Store

How do other Small Businesses succeed with SKALE?

See our customer success stories here

Used by thousands of SMEs globally​

Used by thousands of SMEs globally

Frequently Asked Questions

Each new user will receive Free 50 Digital Voucher Downloads, after utilising all free voucher downloads, each voucher will cost $1/voucher download. Each voucher download is counted as 1 unique customer

No, you dont need a promotion. You can use Digital Vouchers to generate leads for your business. For example, appointment scheduling, growing your mailing list or even signing up for a lucky draw!

Yes! You can select the redemption count when creating your Digital Voucher

Each Digital Voucher can be only be downloaded once by 1 email address or mobile number.

Eg. Customer Details:Name: SKALE
Email: skalevoucher@gmail.com
Mobile Number: +6596315512

If they try to use a different phone number with the same email address, the customer would not be able to download it and vice versa

Each voucher download is encrypted and stored safely in the voucher dashboard in your SKALE Account.

No app needed. SKALE is an entirely a web based platform

No POS Integration needed. All data is stored in Real-Time and automatically in your SKALE Account