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The landscape of in-store and retail shopping has rapidly transformed over the past year.


Whilst many offline businesses had extended to build a website in recent years, the facts remain that 85% – 90% of all transactions are still happening in the offline space.


As a function of that, we have seen many of the Offline businesses that had gone online choose to refocus their Online Ads to drive New Shoppers 1) to their Physical Store instead where the chances of conversion is higher or 2) to instead choose to provide shoppers the flexibility to decide whether they preferred to convert in the Physical Store / online on their ecommerce store.


However to effectively leverage on Online Ads to drive Shoppers In-Store, it is critical that your resources (that includes your time and your limited marketing dollars) go to the most actionable group of customers and on marketing mechanics that can trigger shoppers to take action and convert.


This is the story of how a Local education based brick and mortar business started using Digital Vouchers and PushAds to drive 80% increase in new customers and achieved 80% Voucher Redemptions, which translated to over S$10,000 in sales.

About the Brand

This local business in Singapore provides STEM education to kids between the ages of 3 to 12.

Their Priority

For the brand owner, their focus was on driving prospective consumers to their store, to allow customers to enrol their children in their education courses. They had set up a website to acquire leads or interested parents, but this was not sufficient in driving them to their shop.

The Challenge

They had historically been dependent on organic footfall in the mall that they were located at and word of mouth. However, this became more challenging to drive continuous revenue and repeat customers in the long run.


In addition to that, they depended heavily on media events, KOLs (or influencers) and physical collaterals (Banners) to drive shoppers to visit the store. The challenge was they were not able to track sales uplift from these efforts and there was no meaningful uplift in the store footfall and sales.

Her 4 Prong Strategy to Growing

Prong 1 – Creating a Downloadable Digital Voucher 


Previously, the Store Owner would place physical banners highlighting their promotions in front of the store to capture the attention of parents.


Instead of doing that, they took her free trial class promotion and converted it into a Downloadable Digital Voucher using SKALE.


Now, any potential customer could download their Digital Vouchers by Submitting their Name, Email and Mobile. They best part is, she could build up a customer database, and an automated SMS and Email would be send to the customer to trigger them to take action and visit the store.


Increased their Customer Database by over 40%

Prong 2 –

Geo-Fencing to Capture Most Relevant Shoppers Near Store


To reach the right shoppers, they Pushed the Digital Vouchers as a PushAd on Facebook, Instagram and Display Ads and opted to use SKALE’s Geo-Fencing to reach Parents with kids between the ages of 3 to 12, within 100m to 500m from her store.


This way, they could ensure her marketing dollars were spent reaching shoppers who were most actionable and who were already around their store


The brand was able to reach and acquire Digital Voucher downloads from the most interested customers and who are most likely to head down to their store

Prong 3 – Tracking those who converted in-store


They were able to track the effectiveness of their Digital Vouchers through a unique set of 6-digit Pin Code. This allowed them to have Real-Time visibility on “Who were the shoppers who went to the store, how much was spent in-store and which ad platform did they convert on e.g Facebook, Instagram or Google”


Brand saw a 80% voucher redemption rate

Prong 4 – Re-engaging the Shoppers who matter

Previously, the Brand had no way of knowing who was interested in their promotion. By using Digital Vouchers, the Brand knew who had downloaded the vouchers, and who had or had not used the Digital Vouchers instore.


What they did next was to then automate SKALE Personalized SMS-es to customers who had downloaded voucher but had not used them in-store. From thereon, the Brand was able to further increase voucher redemption rates.

The Results


Increased Customer Database


Voucher Redemption Rate

More than


in Sales

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Used by thousands of SMEs globally

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