PushAds Plugin, built for Magento 2.0

Enterprise grade eCommerce deserves enterprise grade integration

is all you need to install our plugin, sync your product with Facebook and Google Merchant Center, deploy Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixels and a whole lot more

Simple, powerful and entirely free

The PushAds plugin is free but houses a full range of capabilities that gives your eCommerce business an extra edge. With zero coding required, our plugin saves eCommerce companies weeks and thousands of dollars with no need for development resources.

Simply install the plugin and the following are done automatically:

Product Feed Integration

  • Creation and daily update of Facebook product catalogue feed from your inventory
  • Sync with Facebook Product catalogue
  • Creation and daily update of Google product feed
  • Google Merchant Centre integration and verification

Pixel and Data Layer Deployment

  • Instant deployment of Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel and Skale Pixel
  • Capture all product categories, SKUs, events (e.g. add to cart, check out) and cart abandonment in all your pixel fires
  • Get real time visibility on value added to cart vs checkout conversion
  • Enable custom conversion tracking
Our plugin does a whole lot more


Deploy Facebook, Google and Skale Pixels in one click


Track product views, add to cart, checkouts on your mobile


Automatically retarget cart abandoners with Ads


Sync products on Google Merchant Centre and Facebook

Your Phone is a Small but Mighty Tool