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8 Innovative Technologies That Can Turn Your Shoppers Into Big Spenders!

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Let’s face it. 


Converting mall visitors into paying shoppers is not enough. 


It is essential to turn them from being shoppers into big spenders to increase your revenue, boost customer lifetime value, and foster loyalty!  


Here are SKALE’s 8 proven and tested campaign ideas you can launch to ignite shopper excitement, encourage upsells, and turn one-time buyers into loyal spenders.  

AR-Led Holiday Campaign: Enhancing Festive Shopping Experience

Spread an elevated holiday spirit, attract more shoppers, and highlight your mall’s seasonal promotions and events through AR-Led Holiday Campaigns. 


You can let shoppers try on various outfits and accessories through the convenience of their smartphones or launch a virtual scavenger hunt where shoppers can collect clues and prizes throughout your mall. 

Showcase festive decorations and create a magical atmosphere where kids and kid-at-heart can enjoy! 

With a little push from AR, you can surely launch an engaging and social shopping experience that will delight your shoppers and encourage them to spend more.  

Personalized Mall App Promotions and Experiences: Unlocking Shopper Delight

Take personalization to the next level! 

Tailor your shoppers’ received promotions and offers based on their individual preferences and purchase history. You can let them know about exclusive app-only deals, targeted product suggestions, and location-based notifications. 

Use of your mall app to provide other features that enhances shopping experience, such as online reservations, curbside pickup, and contactless payments. 

Show your customers that you truly care about their preferences and make them feel valued and appreciated! 

Digital Vouchers to Drive Tenant Sales: Boosting Revenue and Shopper Satisfaction

Boost sales and captivate shoppers by streamlining your promotions and making them more convenient and accessible through digital vouchers. 

You can provide your shoppers with a hassle-free reward redeeming experience and encourage them to explore and spend more by driving online voucher downloads to in-store redemptions. 

A free coffee voucher from downloading your mall app, or a 10% off voucher for spending a certain amount can be greatly appreciated! 


With digital vouchers, you can increase revenue for your tenants and satisfaction for your shoppers simultaneously. 

Digital Stamp Cards to Create Loyal Shoppers through Repeated Purchases

Encourage repeat visits, foster loyalty, and build a regular shopper base for your mall through digital stamp cards! 


You can reward shoppers with stamps for every purchase and let them redeem free gifts in exchange for valuable data on their shopping behavior such as spending patterns, preferences, and frequency of visits.  


With digital stamp cards, you can incentivize your shoppers’ every penny spent while gaining insights into their needs and wants. 

Personalized Loyalty Program through Smart Receipts: Strengthening Shopper Connections

Treat smart receipts as a steppingstone to personalization!  


Nurture long-lasting relationships and encourage future repeat visits by delivering tailored content directly to their inboxes based on their purchase history.   


You can send them thank-you messages, feedback requests, product reviews, cross-selling or upselling suggestions, loyalty program updates, etc.   


By using smart receipts, you can strengthen your connection with your shoppers and make them feel special and appreciated. 

Deepen Emotional Engagement with Mall Shoppers through Chatbot Marketing

Engage with your shoppers on a personal level while assisting, gathering data, and offering tailored recommendations through chatbot marketing. 

You can utilize these chatbots to answer commonly asked questions, provide essential information, guide shoppers to the right stores or offer products suitable to their needs. 


Meanwhile, you can collect their feedback, preferences, and opinions to analyze shopper behavior, segment your audience, and improve certain products and services. 


By using chatbots, you can provide a convenient and friendly service that will make your shoppers feel heard and understood. 

Effective and Evergreen Spend & Win Campaigns: Captivating Shopper Attention

Ensure effective and evergreen campaigns by offering multiple tiers of rewards, continuous participation opportunities, and enticing grand prizes with spend and win campaigns.  


You can offer different prizes for different spending levels, such as a free coffee for spending $20, a $50 voucher for spending $100, or a trip to Hawaii for spending $500.  


By using the Spend and Win campaigns, you can create excitement and anticipation among your shoppers and motivate them to spend more. 

Engage and Reward Shoppers Using Gamification: Turning Shopping into an Adventure

Use gamification to make shopping more interactive and rewarding by incorporating challenges and offering points, badges, or exclusive discounts for completing tasks or reaching milestones. 


You can create a mall-wide treasure hunt where shoppers have to find clues or scan QR codes hidden in different stores or locations.  


Launch a leaderboard where shoppers can compete with themselves for the highest score or the fastest time. You can also use gamification to create fun and engaging games that showcase your mall’s offerings and promotions.  

Here are some examples of games that you can use for your next campaign:


  • Spin and Win: Spin the virtual wheel and watch shoppers’ anticipation soar! You can offer exciting prizes, exclusive discounts, or even a grand prize. 
  • Digital Scratch Card: Revive the thrill of scratching and winning through a digital twist. You can provide shoppers a chance to virtually reveal hidden prizes, discounts, or promotional offers. 
  • Claw Machine: Reminisce the nostalgic arcade charm right into your campaign! You can challenge shoppers to control a virtual claw and grab enticing prizes or vouchers. 


These games will surely bring entertainment and serve as powerful marketing tools for your next campaign! You can leave shoppers eager to return for more excitement and rewards. 

More Mall Campaign Ideas for You

We know the hustle of launching campaigns can be challenging, but trust us, it’s worth every bit of effort! They’re the key to driving sales, foot traffic, and engagement to soaring heights. 


But we’ve got your back!  


We’ve crafted a digital checklist with ready-to-launch campaign options.  


With these epic ideas at your fingertips, you’ll be all set to create campaigns that will drive your shoppers to be big spenders! 

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