How to Use Customer Journey Insights to Boost Your FMCG Sales

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Full Funnel Shopper Persona Insights

The key to gathering customer insights so that you can use them to have better marketing strategies and brand positioning is by creating better shopper personas.  


Having precise shopper personas means you can identify, define and segment your target market.  


As an FMCG brand, you likely have a huge market, but that market will have several segments that you need to define so you can better reach them rather than an aimless blanket messaging strategy.  


Not being able to target the right customers in the right way means lost sales, and your brand losing market share. 


Precise shopper personas drive objective decision-making. After all, you’d want to rely on research and statistics rather than assumptions.  

What would be some of the key things to know about them at a granular level so that you can have a detailed customer intelligence on them?  


They are:  

  • Things that matter to them 
  • Things that motivate them 
  • Things that interest them 
  • Best ways to reach them (More and more shoppers are using Ad Blockers!)  
  • Trends they are participating in 
  • Touchpoints that matter to them 
  • Beliefs they have about your brand 
  • Preferences on how they want your brand to interact with them 
  • How do they make purchase decisions 
  • Purchasing habits  

We can analyze these first-party data points using the brand touchpoints framework across the whole shopper journey. 


When you add up these data points, you can create more precise shopper personas.  


During the pre-purchase phase, you want your brand to be top of mind and persuade them to try your products.  


For example, your market could be the price-conscious millennials. This means you must understand the factors influencing their purchase decisions. 


Is it really just primarily price or are there other factors playing in their mind? You can determine this through simple market research questions using the SKALE chatbot.  


It’s also good to know what brands they are using currently so that you can then try to position your brand in a better light compared to them.  


You should also look to find out whether they shop primarily in retail stores or through online marketplaces.  


Using the SKALE chatbot to do simple surveys can easily help you find the answers to these.  


If you discover that discounts and promos are a top influencer for their purchase decisions, then you can easily convert them to your side with exclusive discounts and promos using SKALE’s gamification tools like digital vouchers and digital scratch cards.  


During the purchase phase, you’d want to get your shopper’s experience of your products. Would it be something they’d recommend to others? What improvements would they suggest to it?  


Using the SKALE chatbot, you can determine if they are first-time buyers and get their feedback. This feedback can drive your product innovation as well as putting more investment into products that are getting good reception. 


SKALE technologies allow you to have granular understanding of your shoppers and how they are experiencing your products and brand.   


The post purchase phase is often neglected by FMCG brands. We can change this by simply asking them about their overall experience with the product and your brand and whether they are likely to continue buying your product.  


Insights into this can help you find gaps in the buying process to improve in as well as give you the opportunity to reward shoppers who will turn out to become loyal shoppers eventually.  


You need to know if your shopper is having an unpleasant experience with your brand. According to a report by Coveo, 76% of shoppers claim to have ‘broken up’ with a brand after just three bad experiences.  


By connecting all these data points across the separate phases to each shopper, you’ll come up with precise shopper personas that will drive your personalized marketing efforts. 


You can come up with specific strategies for your brand advocates and loyal customers. Giving your brand advocates the VIP experience and the consistent rewarding of your loyal customers will ensure a long-term relationship with them.    


SKALE technologies gives you the 360-degree view of your shoppers. 


By knowing your most active and loyal shoppers, you can reward them and ensure that they will become your biggest brand advocates, which is the driver of word-of-mouth marketing.  


Give your best shoppers VIP treatment by giving them first access to products, free gift wraps, and convenient return options.  


How about your inactive or low customer lifetime value shoppers? With this knowledge, you can now try to reactivate them with targeted offers or more personalized messages.  


Sometimes, all they need to know is that you care about them. A chatbot message going 1:1 to each of your low customer lifetime value shoppers will surely bring some of them back to the fold of engaged shoppers. 


Other shopper personas you can start identifying though the data you collect using SKALE technologies are the convenience or casual shoppers and your loyal customers (those not yet at the level of biggest fans or brand advocates). 


Casual shoppers are the perfect bunch of shoppers to bring into your loyalty program. Drive no-brainer offers and discounts to get them hooked for life! A McKinsey study found that 78% of shoppers said personalized email and other messages make them more likely to repurchase in the future.  

Loyal customers overall have a satisfactory experience with your brand. Focus on keeping them happy.  


They also spend 33% more than new shoppers. Get their feedback so that they feel more appreciated and look to have them drive referrals for your brand.  


You might also find out you have a sizable number of bargain hunters. One good way to market to them is to give them a regular dose of digital vouchers that must be activated in a short time. Flash sales work well with them.  


The truth is that relationships just don’t come out of thin air. You need to nurture these relationships.  


A WhatsApp Chatbot driven by SKALE’s technologies will enable you to drive that 1:1 relationship attention that each of your shopper craves.  


The truth is that most shoppers will need multiple touchpoints from your brand before ever making a purchase. That’s why investing in a marketing technology platform that allows you to reach them directly and automate that process for you will be invaluable for your brand.  


And ultimately, a proper system of building precise shopper personas will help you lower customer acquisition costs and build that winning shopper experience. 

The FMCG Marketer's Guide to First-party Data Collection

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