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From Lead Generation to Sales: 7 Global Brands Winning with Chatbot Marketing

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There are many companies that have successfully used chatbot marketing to drive sales and customer loyalty.

Here are seven of the best-case examples.


One of the first in the retail sector to use chatbots, Sephora was able to continuously improve their chatbot to make it easier for their customers to interact with it both at home and in-store, making the chatbot a valuable tool in delivering a true omnichannel experience. 

The Sephora Reservation Assistant allows customers to set appointments with beauty specialists while Sephora Color Match uses augmented reality to help their customers select colors that fit their face or outfits.


Their chatbot is equipped with smart learning capabilities, which improves future interactions.

Vodka Absolut

Vodka Absolut brand wanted to launch a limited-edition product regionally and they decided to use a chatbot. This limited-edition Absolut Unique collection was to be promoted and launched at a party in Argentina.

To get into the party, consumers needed to contact the bouncer Sven via Whatsapp. Sven is a chatbot. Consumers needed to convince Sven that they deserved to attend the party.

They could send videos, pictures, and audio clips. Of course, the consumers were very creative. In just three days, Sven received over 1000 videos, pictures, and audio clips while others simply relied on their negotiating skills over a conversation.

IWC Schaffhausen

In this O2O campaign, IWC Schaffhausen used a chatbot to guide users using a 5-question short quiz. The chatbot will then do some calculations based on the answers and suggest a suitable watch to the user. The result can be shared with friends through social media thus encouraging social sharing and increased reach.


For an established brand to invest in a chatbot speaks volumes about its commitment to maintain market share and continue delivering a great customer experience. Its chatbot via its MyBarista app, customers can order by voice using Amazon Alexa or through messaging.  

The chatbot will message customers when the order is ready for pickup and chatbot will facilitate the payment and tipping as well. Over time, the chatbot learns about customer preferences and habits based on previous interactions. This personalization will help drive customer engagement and loyalty.

KLM Airlines

The airline industry is highly competitive, and travelers often have a lot of airlines to choose from.


A Twitter study found out that the faster an airline answers a passenger, the passenger was willing to pay more for that airline when they purchase an airline ticket.


KLM Airlines understood this and with its BlueBot, it can tackle more than 16,000 customer conversations weekly. Their chatbot can provide timely, accurate, and personal answers to travelers. This got them over 100,000 mentions weekly on social media.

Their chatbot is supplemented with 250 customer service associates who can handle queries that their chatbot cannot help with.

American Eagle Outfitters

Using their chatbot, American Eagle Outfitters begins casual conversations with their audience, which are primarily females aged 13 and above. Then based on how the customer responds, the chatbot will recommend related products and services.

To keep them consistently engaged, they use content pieces like memes and quizzes. The truth is that chatbots are very versatile, they’re no longer just customer service technology.


One of the best ways chatbots can boost your sales is through upsell, down sell and cross—sell strategies. Shoppers are interested to hear from your store after they buy, especially if it’s personalized to them.

This is the perfect time to sell to them again because they’re at a point where they’re engaged with your brand. HelloFresh is a meal-kit delivery service, and they offer chatbot exclusive discount codes to shoppers who are browsing through their meal boxes. This allows them to track exactly their active shoppers and those that are comfortable interacting with their chatbot.  

With chatbots, the opportunity to upsell, down sell, and cross-sell is immense.  

SKALE Chatbot

The SKALE chatbot is designed to help CPG and FMCG brands to engage shoppers and build customer loyalty.  


Here are its unique features: 


  • Gamification: While continuously innovating new games for our platform, we have mainstay games like the digital scratch card and Spin & Win. They are simple yet effective in engaging and rewarding your shoppers so that ultimately, they become loyal ambassadors of your brand.  
  • Smart Receipts: Receipts are a goldmine of information. You can get precious purchase data from receipts that will help you personalize offers and recommendations to each of your shoppers. SKALE’s chatbot allows for easy uploading of receipts and offers full automation of the process. No need to employ boatloads of people to manually verify receipts. Those are fossils of the past.  

Based on these purchase data, you can now reward your shoppers appropriately based on their spending habits.


  • Basic Market Research: Through polls or links to basic market research tools like Google Forms, you can do inexpensive market research for your marketing initiatives and product development.
  • Easy Integration: The SKALE chatbot can be integrated easily into your website, or existing app. Or it can be quickly launched as a standalone module. Leave the installation and integration to us.
  • Upsell, Down Sell, Cross Sell: You can customize the SKALE chatbot so that you ensure you can maximize your sales by optimizing your product catalog through upsell, down sell, and cross-selling initiatives. You can even give unique promo codes to shoppers even before they visit your sales channels since you have access to their emails and phone numbers. Once programmed, the SKALE chatbot will do this automatically for you to each of your shoppers.
  • One Easy Dashboard: No complicated and disorganized mess of information. The SKALE chatbot will house all your shoppers’ details, purchase history, and chat history in one singular dashboard. And yes, this is updated in real-time.

You can work with SKALE to get started with Chatbot Marketing to understand your customers better, improve customer retention, and most importantly deliver a better omnichannel experience.

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