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7 Tips to Get Your Store in the Philippines Ready for the Holiday Season!

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Christmas is celebrated all over the world and there are many exciting things that everyone is anticipating here, the Filipino Christmas rush. We’re fast approaching the end of the year, and there are a number of things that business owners have to stay on top to best manage their businesses.

Now is the perfect time to map out your preparations in order to drive the most revenue for your business. If you’re a retailer, but not quite sure how to get your store ready, here’s 7 things to get you going!

1. Set Your Holiday Store Hours


The first step is to look at and familiarize yourself with the holidays coming up and decide which ones are important for your business and to your customers. The most effective mall hours done in the Philippine setting usually starts late in the morning and ends at latest eleven in the evening.

It’s also smart to study what the competition is doing because some store owners began their holiday sales campaigns in the early days of October! Speaking of the Christmas rush, many people are more into work and are more likely to have heavier work schedules allowing them to spend time shopping later than the usual.

2. Hire More Part Time Staff and Train Them

If you’re one of the many businesses looking to hire seasonal employees in the next few weeks, it’s high time that you start looking, selecting and training people now. Remember, you’re competing with a lot of other stores for talent these days, so the sooner you get started, the better.

With the use of multiple training tactics and tools, you can easily facilitate learning and help your staff pick up and retain information and skills more effectively.

If you can possibly offer new opportunities for full-time employment at your business, be sure to let your fill-ins know. This could encourage them to be more invested in your company.

3. Set Your Sales Targets and Execute! [restrict]

We know how big of a deal sales are to retailers and there are many ways to reach those by setting the right targets. Goal-setting can be tricky.

You really need to set sales targets that are challenging, but achievable at the same time. In other words, you don’t want to come up with goals that are too easy or too difficult to hit.

Another way is to talk to your clients to know what they want to see in your store or your company. Pay attention to consumer trends and get a handle on the market. Then, use that knowledge to influence their buying decisions.

4. Decorate Your Store

Decorating your store for the festive season goes to the heart of what makes great business. It creates a shopper’s curiosity to discover what is new and what’s hot.

Whether it’s shimmery gold or holiday red and green, seasonal colors are temporary. Yes, decorating your store does take a bit more work but they do align your store with seasonal celebrations. Hopefully, if your customers come meandering into your store with a holiday scent, they’ll remember that they have loads of holiday gifts they need to pick up.

5. Plan Out Your Promotions


If you want to take advantage of holiday shoppers, you’ve got to have a plan so that the holiday rush doesn’t overwhelm you. For online businesses, run test ads to see which copies and products convert the best, test your audiences, and so on. That way, when it’s time to run holiday ads, you’ll be confident that your ads will convert well.

Executing all known tactics together will help make this holiday season the most successful one yet for your business. You’ll be surprised that you find yourself dealing with customers waiting around for new promos and deals.

6. Update Your Website and Social Media Pages

The first thing you need to do is update your overall social profiles – include the Holiday vibe to make them feel they deserve to spend for gifts. As soon as you know what campaigns you’ll be running, finalize them all and execute in the most creative way.

On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there’s a ton you can do to customize your profile. Create custom header photos promoting your holiday campaigns or promotions.

Just remember that you need to make sure your social media management tools are up to date for new campaigns and deals. The secret? Manage your customers’ expectations before they even reach out to you.

7. Use A Calendar For Planning

Shopping rush typically builds through November and goes wild in December. The holiday spirit is alive and customers buy what they really wanted on the last minute.

Grab a calendar and start marking down the dates you want to run advertisements. You’ll also need to be certain of the dates you plan to offer discounts in your shop, and prepare, prepare, prepare!

Helpful tip: Build a promotion schedule – plan what offers and channels will be most accurate and productive.

The holiday season can be a make-or-break time for businesses. With timely preparation, business owners can start the season with well-trained employees, good inventory controls and safely stocked shelves that will make for an enjoyable shopping experience, encouraging customers to return year-round.

Actionable Takeaway:

These simple tips on planning for the upcoming holidays will aim you to let people get everyone something nice for Christmas.

Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!


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