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Being your own employer is the dream for a lot of folks. But as much freedom as the freelance life brings, it also can bring on headaches – especially when it comes to managing your business’s finances on your own.

The sheer amount of paperwork and record-keeping can be overwhelming, and putting your finances off until another day is likely an attractive thought. That is, until the day you realise just how much work there is to do and you’re kicking yourself for not staying on top of the accounting.

Luckily, Financio offers a tool that can effectively, efficiently simplify your financial management so that the only headaches you suffer from are brought on by clients – not accounting. Read on to learn more about how Financio can benefit you.

It’s created for non-accountants

First and foremost, Financio was created by accountants for non-accountants heading up micro businesses and SMEs. This ensures that the financial management tool has all of the functions an accountant would need if you were a client, but simplified so that the platform is user-friendly and easy to use no matter your abilities with numbers.

Cloud-based operations [restrict]

Have little storage space on your computer for more software? The Financio system is based entirely on the cloud, which makes it easier for you to dedicate your storage to client work – and to access the system no matter where you are and which computer you’re using.

Automated paperwork

If you’re constantly behind on your accounting paperwork, then Financio is going to be your new best friend. The account automation feature takes care of all of the administrative financial matters that you never seem to have time forissuing invoices, tracking payments, recording expenses and even preparing tax documents. With just a click of a button, what used to be hours of tedious work is handled instantly! Amazing, no?

Secure system backup

Losing your data and documents is a nightmare for anyone, but even more so when you’re self-employed and you lose your business files. Since Financio uses an online cloud system, you can rest easy knowing that your information is backed-up live, and that there’s even a secondary daily backup, just in case.

Support via live chat and email

Though Financio was created to be intuitive and easy to use, it’s still possible that you’ll have questions about certain features and tools. To help you out, Financio offers customer support via live chat, email enquiries, an FAQ page, a community forum and knowledge bank so that your question can be answered no matter what sort of working hours you like to keep.

With Financio, you’ll be able to manage your business finances easily, giving you more time to focus on your work, clients and all the reasons why you wanted to freelance in the first place.

This article was contributed by micro/small business solutions provider Financio. 

Financio, a product of ABSS, brings small business accounting automation to Southeast Asia, redefining how small business owners handle accounting and tax tasks, bringing accounting software to the next level.

Find out more about Financio and branded accounting software and their wide range of products and services here.


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