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The Legality of The Massage Business In India

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The wellness business in India has seen its fair share of police raids over the past few years. These raids often disrupt daily business and casts the entire industry in a bad light.

However, being an owner of a massage parlour in India myself, I would like to debunk the shady reputation of the massage business.

Read on to find out the true nature of the business and why it is actually more than worth it to start your own business in the massage industry in India.

1. What Is Illegal?

These are the massage parlours that pretend to solely offer massage services but actually offer sexual services instead. You have to be careful to stir clear of this path as although it is lucrative, it is highly illegal and you may even get arrested for it.

Provide clean services and the police will have no right to interfere with your massage parlour and you will not have to worry about your right to operate.

2. So What Is Legal? [restrict]

Normal body massages provided from man to man, woman to woman and even cross gender massage from woman to man or man to woman is certainly legal.

3. How To Make Sure Your Business Is On The Safe Side

All you need to do is acquire the correct licenses for your business to operate. Do not compromise on these formalities even though they can be a hassle at times.

To really make sure that your business is legal, employ only certified professionals and masseurs. Remember, it does not matter if they are trained, they need to be certified.

Ensure that you have a clear safety policy that takes care both of the needs of your staff and clients that are followed through as well. This would be harder to carry out as clients may cross the line with your staff. However, enforcement is more effective than doing nothing at all.

4. How To Benefit From Your Massage Parlour

This has to do with location – rent out a space in a hotel or luxury resort for your massage parlour to enjoy a steady inflow of cash for your business. Salon and massage services are considered to serve the more affluent members of society.

So location is really key in benefiting from this business venture. Also make sure that you employ a ready group of certified professionals that are customer oriented and dedicated to giving the best customer service. This makes sure that you retain your customers throughout your business.

Also, don’t hold back on purchasing equipment and take a personal loan from the bank to create an oasis for your customers to relax and de-stress.

Actionable Takeaway:
Wanted to find out more about what licenses you need to get for your massage business to operate? Refer to our previous article How To Set Up A Lucrative Spa In India for our checklist of licenses!


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