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Hiring is a tricky process because you need to get to know your future employee in and out just after a short interview. So what questions should you ask to get skin deep?

Generic questions like  “What is your biggest weakness and greatest strength?” may be ineffective at getting an honest response from your candidate but these questions might. At least they worked on me, because all my employees turned out to be loyal and hard workers. 

1. “What do you think we would achieve together a year from now?” 

This question will make sure that you are hiring someone that has done his research on your company and your company vision. It shows exactly how serious and invested they are in their role as well.

2. “What is your greatest success in your career in the F&B industry?”

Getting to know about the events and projects they have managed lets you know read into their working style and what they typically strive for. Most importantly, it lets you know whether or not they are able to fit into your team.

3. “What things do you typically avoid doing?” [restrict]

This is quite a direct question – so approach it cautiously. Try to bond over frustration and red tape in order to find out more about what this candidate does not like doing. If this lies within any of his obligation, do not ignore the red flags. I bet there are many other candidates to consider for his role.


4. “Describe a time when things did not go your way at work – how did you react to it?” 

The answer that the candidate gives can define what type of worker he is. If he gives a defensive answer and blames an external factor or another person, this is another red flag. Hiring someone that will not own up to an ounce of responsibility is dangerous as it may cause future disagreements in your staff team. 

However, if he does own up to it or saw it as an area for growth, this guy sounds perfect for the role. Do note that if this is too self-depreciating, this may be dangerous as well.

5. “What is your working style?” 

Compare what you have learnt about his working style with what he has to say about himself. This indirectly allows you to gauge what his goals and aspirations are before you ask him the direct question itself.

6. “How many jobs have you had over the past 5 years?”

Asking this question will allow you to better understand your candidates goals and aspirations through their career progression. This allows you to sense how you should manage him as a staff and support him in his growth in the F&B industry.
Actionable Takeaway:
Asking more indirect and nuanced questions helps with getting to know your candidate better. Once you have the right staff the next step is to train them, providing a workplace for them to grow and retaining them overall.

But what happens if you’re unable to retain them? Here’s a few reasons why the F&B is infamous for high turnovers and what you can do to prevent this!


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