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Must Have Kitchen Equipment for Your Restaurant

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The kitchen is where all the magic happens and it is important to get quality and multi-purpose equipment. Having opened a restaurant myself, I have come up with a comprehensive list of the essentials that you must not miss out on. 

1. Cold Food Storage Space

All kitchens need industrial grade refrigeration – either reach in refrigeration or walk in refrigeration units. Refrigeration will maintain the freshness of your ingredients by freezing bacterial growth.

As for the type of refrigeration a business needs, it really depends on the size of your restaurant. If your restaurant is smaller, it is smarter to get a reach in refrigerator and vice versa.


2. Preparation of Food

Preparation surfaces, counters and cutting surfaces is where the magic begins. For cutting surfaces, I would recommend wooden boards as they do not develop grooves like plastic boards do, which can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria.

As for, I would recommend stainless steel surfaces as they do not corrode easily and can withstand any strong cleaning products.


3. Slicing


There are two types of slicers you can consider – electric slicers or manual slicers. For me, electric slicers are the way to go as they will save you time if you do a lot of slicing. It is also more accurate and can operate on a manual basis if you slice less in the future.


4. Food Processors 

There are mainly 4 type of food processors:


Batch Bowl
Collects food as it is being processed and holds between 1-6 quarts. 
Buffalo Chopper
Multipurpose as it handles all types of food – from tough meats to vegetables.
Continuous Feed
Minimises preparation time by constantly adding food during processing
Collects both the food from the batch bowls and continuous feed units.

Personally, I have the buffalo chopper in my own kitchen because it is the sturdiest among the 4 options.

5. Kitchen Range

 You will have the option to choose between a gas or electric range. Here’s the thing: It is easier to change heating on gas ranges but electric ranges are easier to clean as you cook directly on the flat surface. So it really depends on what you prioritise.

No matter the kitchen range, you will need to get a range hood to sit on top of your stoves. It will suck grease, moisture and heat out and maintain the air quality in your kitchen.


6. Ovens

There are regular commercial ovens and then there are convection ovens. These ovens contains fans that move the hot air inside the oven, so they’re perfect for baked goods and even regular oven-food. Furthermore, they allow for somewhat faster cooking times at lower temperatures than with regular ovens. 
Actionable Takeaway:
It is better to get kitchen equipment that is multi-purpose so that you can maximise the functionality of your kitchen! 

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