3 Insights To Engaging Baby Boomers in E-commerce

baby boomers

It seems that the world of e-commerce has been tailor-made for millennial’s. On a canvas of flashy retail and over-hyped bargains, there is an obvious deficit in the way baby boomers are approached.
How Age and Gender Affect Smartphone Usage - Scientific Figure on ResearchGate. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/For-how-long-different-age-groups-use-the-phone-daily-Teenagers-12-17-years-lead-in_fig2_306263450 [accessed 19 Jul, 2018]
For how long different age groups use the phone daily.
 In a study between smartphone use and age-groups, older folks of 51 years and above were accounted for at the lowest percentile.
While most see baby boomers as an unworthy segment, there are some businesses that see them as a niche target. As the smartphone becomes more of a necessity than a privilege, we are compelled to bring you some methods of approaching this growing segment of consumers.

1. Pose Benefits [restrict]

Baby boomers are intelligent. They value qualitative approaches to current issues. As that may be, it is important that when engaging them, you list what benefits the product brings, and how it solves a resounding issue.
They are also the least likely to spend impulsively. Therefore, flashy-gimmicky marketing does not ring a bell with them. If you can state the utility benefits of your product in an honest and comprehensible fashion, then you will have their attention.

2. Communicate Thoroughly

Many of the less tech-savvy baby boomers are hesitant when purchasing from the internet. This stems from a psychological disparity between physical and online retail. With physical retail, the agreements are simple in purchasing. However, older folks are constantly warned that the internet is a dangerous place lurking with scammers. This predisposed take to e-commerce is a reason why so many younger marketeers leave out the baby boomers when doing business.
Ensure that your business and advertisements are simple and to the point. More importantly, include contact details such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses and website links in accessible locations.  
Be prompt and courteous when replying to enquiries. Creating a positive experience for baby boomers is essential to converting them into loyal customers.

3. Cut The Tomfoolery!

Hard sells are considerably ineffective when engaging baby boomers. These consumers are a tough sell themselves, so it is best to be thorough and simple with explanations. Baby boomers do not like feeling pressured into a purchase. They are more likely to walk away in these instances.
State the facts pleasantly and reassure them of what your product does. Be firm, but not over the top. Cultivating patience will help as baby boomers tend to take their time before committing to a purchase. If nothing else, see the conversation as an experience in customer relations.
Actionable Takeaway: Take the time to research the behavior of different segments of consumers.

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