Create An Unforgettable Restaurant Name

Create An Unforgettable Restaurant Name!

When starting a restaurant, one of the most important aspects on deciding on your restaurants name!

There are many ways to choose a name for your restaurant – from naming a restaurant after a location, encapsulating a theme or simply playing around with words.

This name will stick with your restaurant for an indefinite time, so make sure that is both catchy and memorable for your customers to remember. So how do you make sure that it is unforgettable and yet meaningful? Read on to find out the steps and advises I used to determine my own restaurants name!

1. Naming Your Restaurant After Your Location [restrict]
Create An Unforgettable Restaurant Name

This is the simplest method of naming a restaurant and yet it is the most historically significant as well. In a way, naming your restaurant after its location pays tribute to what was present before.
Create An Unforgettable Restaurant Name
For example, PS. Cafe was named after its first outlet which was a cosy cafe hidden within the Projectshop clothing store. This pays tribute to its humble beginnings before it became a widely popular place to dine at.
Whereas Tiong Bahru Cafe, a bakery heavily inspired by community spirit, simply named their restaurant after the neighbourhood itself. This has certainly resonated well with their customers as they have branched out to have outlets in Raffles Place, Orchard and Chip Bee Gardens. 

2. Encapsulating A Theme With Your Restaurant Name

Your restaurant name is the first impression your customer gets of the food you serve. So why not name your restaurant after your niche?
Create An Unforgettable Restaurant Name
Italian restaurants in Singapore have names like Pastamania, Bella Pasta and quite obviously, Jamie’s Italian. 
Create An Unforgettable Restaurant Name
If you are in a foreign country, advertising your product using your restaurant name also makes your restaurant appear more authentic. For example, Fish and Chip shop Smiths market their food as “Authentic British Fish and Chips” . This makes your brand more trustworthy and stand out from other restaurants of the same niche.

3. Add A Personal Touch To Your Restaurant’s Name

Everyone loves a good story. Restaurant names dedicated to family members hold a certain sentimental value that everyone can connect with.
Create An Unforgettable Restaurant Name
So why not name your restaurant after the grandmother that inspired you to cook? Or your daughter that loves your bolognese spaghetti? This makes your restaurant even more personable to the public and it puts you, the restaurant owner, at the heart of the business.

4. Playing With Puns

Want something catchy for your restaurant name? You can never go wrong with puns. For example, Vietnamese restaurant Unphogettable, clearly did not hold back on their pun game. Neither is Thai Restaurant Thai & Mighty.
Create An Unforgettable Restaurant Name

Actionable Takeaway:
Avoid trademarked restaurant names. Even if your first name is Wendy’s, try not to include that in your restaurant name as it may bring about possible legal action. Plus, it is no longer distinctive if it is already the name of a prominent restaurant.

Now that you’ve decided on your restaurants name, the next step is to have a business plan for your restaurant! And just how do you do that? Read on here to find out why you need a restaurant business plan!


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