RAMADAN 2020: 5 Low Cost & Effective Strategies to Succeed

Ramadan has been a crucial period for marketers, business owners and SMEs to connect to Muslim Shoppers. However, some challenges will arise for SMEs alike, given the spread of COVID-19 and its impact on society.

So what should SMEs do to have a memorable Ramadan 2020? While we realise that a slowdown in sales and traffic will be a strong possibility, smarter and low-cost strategies that also can translate into long-term success will be the best route, which we have listed below:

1. Run Lower Cost Ads on A Lower Budget

Big advertisers are scaling down digital ads across Facebook, Google, Instagram and others which reduces competition to reach consumers – huge opportunity for SMEs to market their businesses at a lower cost.

Driving sales and traffic for your business at a key period and lower costs, this will be a good opportunity to build a stronger brand and acquire customers, build brand presence and increase repeat purchases

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2. Re-engage Your Customers with Personalised Emails & SMS

Consumers are waiting for the best promotions during festive periods to get the most value for their money. Ramadan is no different as customers know what they want and being able to communicate personalised messages via either SMS or Email at the right time can increase your sales by 2 to 3X.

SMEs are beginning to actively re-engage with their customers at least 2x per week and have seen a huge increase in conversations and sales, particularly those with an online presence or website.

What if you don’t have a list of customers to communicate your promotions with? It’s never too late to begin growing your customer database and it’s not as difficult as you might think. SKALE now offers users to collect up to 300 customer details and send unlimited personalised re-engagement emails.


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Example of a Digital Voucher:

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3. Ramp up on Low-Cost Marketing During The Second Half of Ramadan

Our data revealed that not every week of Ramadan is necessarily a time when people are browsing and buying. We found that the best opportunity for connecting with shoppers is before Eid al-Fitr, during the second half of Ramadan.

Utilise low-cost channels, such as SMS & Emails to reach your target audience at the right time to increase the likelihood of conversions. This will both save you time, effort and marketing spend to connect to shoppers towards peak shopping period.

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3. Good Deals + Good Feels = Great Results

Ramadan is about family and prayer first and foremost. In fact, ads that lack creativity and appear very sales-like may not translate into great results. Therefore, it is always important to highlight the sanctity of the holiday in creatives and messaging as well.

Marketers and SME’s can easily create beautiful ads with our in-built Ramadan themed creative templates by subscribing to SKALE’s Special Ramadan Promotion here.

5. Save Time & Money with Marketing Automation

Business owners, SMEs and marketers should be spending their time wisely on strategising and closing leads, not executing campaigns to acquire those very leads.

Over 80% of SMEs are beginning to automate their marketing campaigns which have transformed their business into a well-oiled machine. Transitioning to adopt automation platforms is fast, easy and impactful and will be placing your business in a better position for when the market recovers from COVID-19.

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