Join the Game: How Six Companies Used Sales Gamification to Create Excitement and Drive Sales

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Gamification is a massive trend. It’s affecting many industries and one of the biggest industries that is adopting gamification is retail.  


Here are six companies using gamification to drive excitement for their customers and ultimately drive sales.  


For this, customers of Subway got a code for a battleship style game called Sink a Sub whenever they bought a sub and a drink. 


In this game, players compete by sinking subway sandwiches in a virtual ocean. The grand prize was $10,000.  


This gamification campaign was a hit in Australia and New Zealand.  


Imagine customizing a game for your own country or local area.  


Our SKALE engineers can help come up with a customized game for your events all throughout the year.  


For this campaign, L’Occitane wanted to amplify their ‘natural-product’ messaging. So, they came up with a game wherein their customers get to grow and nurture a seed. 


By completing various tasks, the seed eventually becomes a tree. By playing regularly, you get to unlock more seed types. This campaign was helpful in strengthening the brand’s values in the minds of its customers.  


With digital scratch cards and digital stamp cards, you can also get your shoppers to do certain actions to amplify your positioning and messaging or to spread the word about a particular environmental project you have been supporting, e.g., recycling initiatives.  


This will endear your brand to people who share similar advocacies.  

Under Armour

Steph Curry is Under Armour’s biggest star and for this partnership, they launched a Trivia game during the NBA playoffs. 


This trivia game would focus on everything Steph from his rookie season to his sneakers. The trivia game gave prizes to fans who could answer all eight multiple choice questions within a time limit.  


SKALE also has a trivia-like game that you or your tenant partners can launch to engage and reward mall shoppers. Maybe for Christmas you can create trivia questions like history and traditions of Christmas season and even Santa Claus. 


Christmas songs can also be part of your trivia questions. For sure, family members will be happy to help each other answer the trivia questions to win prizes. This will surely increase their enjoyment at your mall.  


When it comes to gamification, the simpler the better. You don’t want your shoppers overwhelmed with the game mechanics. In this campaign, M&M came up with a simple game called the Eye-Spy Pretzel. The was a puzzle game wherein consumers must find a pretzel hidden within an image full of M&Ms. This created virality for M&M with over 6,000 shares of the game.


SKALE also has a puzzle-like game and while it’s simple, it’s highly effective because anyone can easily understand how to play it and with the right incentives and prizes, it can be very addictive. We can customize it to fit the Christmas theme.  


Milo in Vietnam used QR codes on the cap of the drinks. These gave shoppers the opportunity to win special rewards which they could claim through a messaging app popular in Vietnam.  


We can help you come up with a campaign using this form of gamification which can be integrated into the SKALE chatbot.  


One of the largest retail groups in America, Target uses its mobile app to give digital coupons for items in its physical stores.  


If you have an existing mall app, we can help you and your tenants create compelling offers and incentives using digital vouchers and stamp cards to drive traffic to your mall.  

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