How To Retain Your Lead Hairstylist

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Are you a hairdressing business owner concerned about managing and retaining your hairstylists?

Many salon owners often seem to struggle the most with employee management.

Did you know that the lead hairstylist of your salon is among the most valuable assets of your business?

In fact, they can help take care of employee management for you! Here is how to retain your lead hairstylist in just 6 simple steps:

1. Keep Your Hairstylist Happy and Motivated

Almost every loss of an employee equates to a loss in clientele. Behind high turnover rates often lie unhappy employees.

Identify the needs of your hairstylists and know what motivates them to work. Then, develop a personalised goal plan for your hairstylist. Tailor rewards, incentives, and your broader vision accordingly with the goal plan.

For your employees to share your business vision, it is important for them to know why they matter.

Understanding the purpose of their job drives intrinsic motivation. [restrict]

Stress how valuable they are to your business and acknowledge their contribution when necessary.

Ensure that relationship with your hairstylist is open and constructive. Allow them to make suggestions share ideas, and to communicate difficulties they may face. They should also feel valued and their welfare cared for.

2. Teach Hairstylists to Sell Salon Products

The role of hairstylists should not only be centered on giving clients their desired hairdo.

It is necessary to educate your hairstylist about your products and services.

Customers are also more likely to be convinced to purchase your product if they are recommended by your hairstylist.

This is because hairstyles are perceived to be professionals in the field.  They would have more knowledge about hair products and its effects on hair health.

Hairstylists having knowledge about common hair issues, hair care tips, and remedies will be an added advantage.

This is the trick to maintaining a loyal customer base and clientele growth.

This is especially true because consumers tend to value service more when information is provided.

Information works as the binding tape for products and services. They solidify the trust and confidence of consumers.

3. Encourage Hospitality Among Hairstylists

Good old hospitality is always required to achieve the status of quality service.

Consumers instantly feel at ease and comfortable when rapport is established.

Encourage hairstylists to have friendly chats with customers. So that both, customers and hairstylists can enjoy the benefit of having a satisfying experience.

Make sure to give your hairstylist ample practice. Utilizing role play to simulate real-life customer-client interactions, prior to exposing them to on-the-job learning.

4. Make Hairstylists Responsible for Pushing Sales

A sure-fire way to maximize profitability is to hold your hairstylist responsible, for pushing the sales and revenue of your business.

Hairstylists directly impact market acquisition and the sales performance of your business. Therefore, teaching them to push sales and revenue is essential.

When employees realize that they have a bigger impact beyond hairdressing, perceived value increases.

Consequently, hair stylists will take the responsibility more favorably. Hence improving the efficiency and productivity of employee performance.

5. Keep Hairstyling Tools and Services Up-to-Date

Keeping up-to-date with changing trends not only maintains a competitive edge but also upholds plasticity employee resources and skill set.

 Giving hairstylists the opportunity to update their hair styling tools and skills, allows them to remain relevant.

Providing them with room for growth and innovation, enables them to gain a foothold in this fast-paced industry.

6. Establish a Culture of Accountability

Being the owner of a hairdressing business does not mean that you bear all responsibility.

This is especially so when your hairstylist is used to you shouldering all responsibility, including their faults. This causes your business to suffer as you wear yourself out.

Establish a culture of accountability for your hairstylists to adhere to. Knowing that they are answerable for their every action, forces them to be cautious, mindful and responsible.

Furthermore, developing a sense of responsibility also helps shape self-reliance.

This encourages employees to initiate proactive actions as they feel it is their responsibility to continually improve quality of service.

Identify your hairdresser’s needs and develop an appropriate goal plan. Allocate time to mentor your lead hairstylist. Show trust in them by allowing them to take initiatives and provide ideas. Lastly, set milestones and reward them with incentives when targets are achieved.

Actionable takeaway:

Give your hairstylist the responsibility to train and lead the others. This improves communication and relationship among employees. Relatability among hairdressers enable learning to occur at a faster rate.

Learn how to manage and retain employees from salons that are doing well (For instance, Toni & Guy Singapore/ Malaysia, Salon Infinity and A-Saloon).


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