Team Players: 5 Characteristics That Define A Good Team Player

In the business world, being a team player is an important part of anyone’s career, no matter the job. Whether you’re a leader or part of a group, it is important that you know how to work with others.

Here are 5 characteristics of a good team player that you should look to cultivate!

1. Getting To The Point Quicker

A good team player practices direct and honest communication. As there are others who need to get their points across, a good team member doesn’t beat around the bush and addresses issues as they come up, saving time and maximizing efficiency in the group.

2. Sharing The Workload

An exceptional team player takes on his or her fair share of responsibilities. This creates a positive climate within the work environment where others feel that sense of equality. This equality is important for maintaining team member’s motivation.

3. Provides Constructive Feedback To Others [restrict]

While this may fall onto the leader’s part of the duties, it is important for team members to be able to comment on other member’s work. This doesn’t mean being nosy, it just means that if someone has done a good job, a pat on the back goes a long way.

4. The Team Player Mentality

Essentially, being a team player means having a positive mindset. It also means always being conscious of how your actions impact your other team members. Think before you act, and if you’re unsure, consult your team members or leader before proceeding.

5. Complementing Your Other Team Members

Being able to fit into the groove means applying yourself in a way that enhances the other member’s work, as well as making sure that it doesn’t hinder them. A team player knows this and capitalizes on their strengths, while allowing for others to take the lead in areas where they are lacking.


If you know or work with someone who is a good team player, take a look at their attributes and see how many of the above characteristics they possess. Chances are, they practice all of them knowingly and efficiently.

Actionable Takeaway:

Even as a team player, there will be circumstances that call upon your leadership skills. To understand how to be an effective, future-focused leader, read on by clicking here.



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