How NESCAFÉ in the Philippines Built Brand Affinity among Millenials

To launch NESCAFÉ Mocha in the Philippines, NESCAFÉ had to establish brand affinity with the Gen Z (Millenials) a generation that recognises NESCAFÉ as “their parents’ cup of coffee”.

Research showed that content creation is influential amongst Gen Z’s so instead of talking to the audience directly, the brand tapped into creators who best represent the audience’s interests and received authentic endorsements of the NESCAFÉ product.

Here’s how NESCAFÉ worked with Alex Wassabi and the Filharmonic to achieve their brand objectives.

Goals [restrict]

  • To establishing brand affinity for NESCAFÉ Mocha with the Gen Z


  • Collaborated with YouTube creators Alex Wassabi and The Filharmonic to create content that would resonate with the target audience
  • Supported the content collaboration with paid media through TrueView and a YouTube masthead
  • Complemented online efforts with on-the-ground engagement at YouTube FanFest


Achieved a higher than average view-through rate, superb brand lift performance, including a 323% lift in brand interest, 20% lift in brand favorability, and 51% lift in ad recall.

Over 80% of surveyed target audience said that they would purchase NESCAFÉ Mocha.

Watch the video below to see just how NESCAFÉ  together with Google in the Philippines successfully built brand recognition, affinity and recall among Gen Z.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gen Z is very big with content creation, either consuming it themselves or creating their own content mostly through mobile devices.
  • According to Global Web Index, an estimated 47% of Filipino millennials are non-TV to light-TV viewers who rely on other platforms for entertainment. Watching movies, listening to music, and catching TV shows on YouTube are the top ways millennials find inspiration to be creative.
  • Using engaging video content for your business to reach out to Gen Z can help to also boost brand interest and brand favourability.
  • Engaging with popular content creators on YouTube allows brands like NESCAFE to tap people who are representative of the audience, allowing them to endorse the brand in an authentic and genuine way.
  • According to Google Philippines industry analyst Geia Lopez, brands should take on the role of enablers by providing millennials access to three things: adulthood, experiences, and creativity.



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