Why Your Beauty Store Location Matters in India

Opening a beauty store in a country like India where almost everyone wants quality at the best prices is not a decision to be made lightly.

Many Indian business owners have the perception that they should be saving on rent unfortunately this leads to businesses often choose the wrong location.

You should not make that mistake, especially if you have a beauty business. If you are wondering why your beauty store location matters in India, you need to read on.

Here we’ll help you know about different factors you need to know before opening the first beauty store at a suitable location.

Costs Matter

The first thing you need to remember is that the cost of setting up a beauty store will vary a lot on the basis of location. For instance, if you rent space in the Patel Nagar area of Delhi, the costs would be lower as compared to South Extension area.

The clientele would also be different in both cases. The clients in the Patel Nagar area would seek value for money. In contrast, the clients living in South extension would seek luxury. Knowing which clientele you want to serve is important when deciding where you want to set up shop and can help you in determining this.

Commuting is Difficult [restrict]

Your beauty store location also matters in India because it’s no secret that traffic in India is chaotic and messy.

In a city like Bengaluru, it can take about an hour to travel just 1 kilometer by a car during peak hours! If you plan to open a beauty store in such a traffic-choked city, you need to ensure that the target audience finds it easy to reach you.

What you could do is consider opening a beauty store in a centrally located mall or shopping complex, or one that is easily accessible by public transport. 

Parking is a Pain

In most Indian metropolitan cities, parking is a downright pain. People avoid taking their vehicles out because they are afraid of having to spend hours looking for a parking lot.

So, when you are looking for a beauty store location, make sure you select an area that has ample parking space. It would be great if the parking is free as it will tempt your customers to well, park their cars for a longer period thus allowing them to spend more time at your beauty store.

Safety is Superior

Safety of your beauty store location matters in India because no one would visit a beauty store that’s located in a crime-prone area.

You need to make sure that your beauty business is set up in a safe location, that is equally accessible by public transport and has ample parking space. This will ensure that the customers feel safe in visiting you even at 10 at night or 8 in the morning (after or before working hours).

If you’re unable to find a secure location for your beauty business, you could always consider installing security systems such as a wireless electronic door lock which you can open easily from the inside the shop. This allows you to screen customers before allowing them into your shop. The safety of your shop, yourself and your loyal customers is vital.

Power Issues are a Concern

In India, issues like power outage are still a part of life.

So, you need to make sure that your beauty store is located in a building that has ample power back up. It will ensure that customers keep browsing through your selection even when the power is out. After all, no one likes to shop in a dark or hot environment which is what happens to a shop when power goes out.

Competition & Customer Analysis

When choosing a beauty store location in India, you should survey to find out the level of competition you are facing.

You can easily conduct this by touring the potential location of your beauty business.

This will ensure that you don’t end up opening a beauty store in an area that is dominated by famous beauty stores.

Also, do thorough research on the potential customers. It will ensure that the location you choose has ample customers with good purchasing power.

Cashing in on Impulsive Buying Decisions is Easy

Many Indian buyers admit that they are impulsive shoppers. As a beauty store business owner, you can make the most of this habit of Indian customers by again, choosing the best location for your business.

This can be done by choosing a location alongside a relevant business. For instance, if your beauty store is just beside a clothing and footwear store, customers would be tempted to buy matching makeup essentials to go with the new clothes and shoes they bought recently.

In essence, it can be seen that beauty store location matters in India because consumers prioritise convenience above everything. 

Consumers have high expectations regarding value for money and the shopping experience.

The first step to meet these high standards, is to once again, think through on the location of your beauty business and from there go forth in planning the next steps to build your beauty business in India.

Actionable Takeaway

While choosing the right beauty store location, don’t be stingy on investment and start small. Once the location is right, you will get more customers than you can handle. Then you can expand your reach by expanding the store space and stocking more products.


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