How To Set Up A Lucrative Spa In India 

भारत में एक आकर्षक स्पा कैसे स्थापित करें, यह जानने के लिए अपने फेसबुक या लिंक्डइन खाते से लॉगिन करें

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If you have visited India before, you would have noticed that spa businesses are abundant in high-end hotels and resorts.

This because spa businesses are considered luxury services and the spa industry in India is certainly a lucrative market to tap into!

Read on to find out how exactly to set up a spa in India from a guy that has been in the industry for a good 6 years.

1. Internal Logistics

The first step is finding a good location for your spa and starting operations. Look out for any new hotels or resorts opening up and put forward your business proposal to be considered. Or you can very well plant your shop in an affluent area by simply renting out a space and setting up shop.
From my experience, I have found that hiring already experienced staff is key. There is little space for mistakes and training when your business first opens although it gets more lenient as your business grows. It is also important to hire people that are naturally customer oriented and hospitable in order for your customers to receive good customer service in your spa.

2. External Logistics

There is no official spa license you need to get in India so all you need to get is the basic licenses for any business. Below is a list of licenses that should be ticked off before you start operating your business:
  •  Shop and Established Registration
  •  GST Registration
  •  Vat and Sales tax Registration (For businesses selling beauty products on the side)
  •  MSME Certificate for your Micro Small Medium Enterprise subsidies 
However, do note that if you are setting up shop in Goa, there is a Spa Registration process with the Health Department of Goa State. This process includes a lot of red tape and hence I would not recommend setting up shop in Goa if possible.

3. Putting Your Business Out There

What better way to start operations by creating a digital presence for your spa? The importance of being online and on social media is undeniable in this modern age. Get your business on platforms like Justdial, Groupon, Askme and IndiaMART so that customers can easily access your services.
Create a free Facebook business page for your spa as well so that you are able to respond to customers inquiries and build sustainable relationships with both old and new customers. This also allows you to roll out your promotions without having to pay for printing. 
You can run ads to spread the news about your grand opening as well. Facebook ads are able to reach diverse demographics that you can search and pick from. You can also utilise Google AdWords and the SEO system to appear top in search results on Google.

Actionable Takeaway: 

Using social media to promote your business is a worthy investment as it helps you reach a large pool of people that are otherwise quite inaccessible. 


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