5 Simple Steps to Open Your Own Nail Parlour

Always wanted to set up your dream nail salon business but don’t know where to start? These 5 simple tips can help you do just that!

1. Start From The Bottom

What better way to learn about the nail salon industry than working for a nail salon yourself? The best way is to start is as a nail technician. Learn from the ground itself how the boss handles her staff, her finances (if you manage to get a glimpse), as well as her customers.
Your experience as a staff will give you some idea of how to run a nail salon and will make clear what you want to do differently as well.

Things to note include: [restrict]

  • Hiring/Firing Processes
  • Training Process
  • Customer Packages
  • Performance Reviews
  • Inventory Management
  • Document Organisation

2. Come Up With A Business Plan 

Still want to open up your own nail salon? You will then need to come up with a comprehensive business plan. Create a budget for spending on hiring staff, purchasing equipment, rental fees and daily operational costs. It is also important to factor in money spent on getting the correct licenses and permits to set up your business. 

Consider taking a personal loan from your local bank for start-up capital as well. Make sure that you have enough money to tide you over the first few months, which are the most likely months to make losses. There is no point entering the industry if you are short of cash. Remember, it is better to wait and accumulate capital rather than hold back on purchasing equipment and hiring staff.

3. Decide On A Good Location

Make sure that your salon is set in a prime location such in the neighbourhood or in a mall because it gives you increased visibility. 
Are there too many nail salons in the area you’re planning to set up your nail salon in? It’s important to have a good distance from other nail salons in the same city so that potential customers would not have to choose between your outlet and the others.

Another important factor to note is parking space. If your nail salon is located in a row of shophouses, make sure that it is accessible via car and that parking space is abundant. This is less of a worry if your nail salon is in a mall.

4. What is your USP?

Part of your business plan includes deciding on your unique selling point. What is going to distinguish you from the rest of the nail salons in your area? Is there a theme to your nail salon? Decide this based on the demographic you are targeting. If your salon is going to be located in a more affluent area, a simpler more elegant contemporary theme would be more suitable. However, if you are targeting teenagers and young adults, bright funky neon signs like the one below would definitely draw the youth in! 
Deciding on your unique selling point will also aid you in deciding on your interior designing.

5. Hire Well

Consider what type of roles you need in your nail salon. Would you need a receptionist or could you handle client appointments yourself? Whereas manicurists, aestheticians, technicians and salon managers are non-negotiable.


From these roles, place positions on your local job portal and local newspaper to acquire candidates. These candidates not only have to be passionate about serving and extremely customer oriented, but also have skill. But don’t hire on resume alone! Test them by letting them showcase their skills to you. This is especially important in the nail salon industry where the technical skills of your staff will determine the level of satisfaction from your customer.

6. Promote Your Business!

Get yourself an online presence! Set up a Facebook business page and Instagram business page to promote any services and offers you have. The best part? This form of advertisement is completely free of charge! Isn’t posting end products of your beautiful work so satisfactory as well?
It is also important to engage with your customers and draw in new ones in order to maintain a loyal client circle. Remember to be efficient in replying to direct messages and comments on your profile. 
Actionable Takeaway:
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