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SKALE All-in-One Marketing Platform

Built for offline & omnichannel

SKALE Enterprise

I am an FMCG brand/ Retailer/ Shopping Mall exploring digital solutions to drive in-store sales and collect customer data.

Find enterprise-grade solutions for driving and tracking in-store success, such as downloadable vouchers and gamification.


I am an SME with 1-30 outlets looking for an easy-to-use tool to grow
and get more online & in-store shoppers.

We are an all-in-one marketing platform with a proven track record of assisting thousands of SMEs and brick-and-mortar businesses.

Trusted by over 7,000 businesses globally


SKALE makes it extremely simple for you to get more in-store shoppers, identify loyal customers and measure in-store data with zero POS integration.

1 x

Lift in in-store sales

0 x

Increase in ROI

Real-time tracking of offline data

First party data collection

Here's how SKALE can help to grow your business

skale digital voucher platform

Drive in-store Sales by 30X

Digital Vouchers

Generate digital vouchers that acquire customer data and track in-store redemptions without the need for POS integration.

Smart Receipts

Reward customers based on total spend, items bought, and other transaction or customer data with SKALE’s advanced receipt scanning technology. downloads to first-party data and in-store sales.

O2O Data Collection

Our platform enables you to track online-to-offline data – from website visits and voucher downloads to first-party data and in-store sales.

SKALE pushads

Launch ads everywhere, in 4 easy steps

Omnichannel Marketing

Create & Launch Optimized Ads in 4 Simple Steps across Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Shopping and Display Ads on Top Websites for each local market.

Ready-to-use Audience

SKALE Smart Audience System learns from aggregated insights across all campaigns and automatically recommends target audiences for you based on your business type and geography.

SKALE Gamification

Drive action with SKALE’s gamification technology

Spin & Win

Launch digital Spin & Win platforms on your own channels to engage customers, drive purchases, and collect customer data online and in-store.

Digital scratch card

Generate store visits and boost conversions using digital scratch cards. Set the winning odds and send an automated SMS or email right after each try.

Digital stamp cards

Drive repeat customers by rewarding a stamp for every purchase. Our platform lets you send automated SMS or email reminders, and track reward redemptions in real time. 

SKALE Pixel for retargeting

Bring interested shoppers and past customers back

SKALE Pixel Tracking

Our Pixel tracks all actions taken on your website and in-store (e.g. Store Check In, Add to Cart Online and Purchase In-Store / Online).

It also unlocks ability for brands to delight customers by delivering unified smart communication, marketing and experience across online and offline stores.

Automated reengagement

Automate reminders, lead qualification and follow ups via SMS, email, and other platforms to drive repeat visits, cross-sell/ upsell new products, and increase customer loyalty.

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