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Get Your Store Customers Back with a QR Code

100% Free for Physical Stores

Know who your walk-ins are, grow your customer base and sales. 

Many SMEs with physical stores put so much time, effort, and resources into driving customers and sales.

Still, almost 80% of customers do not return. As a result, future sales may be missed. Page
, a simple QR Code Poster can be placed in front of your store to reduce your marketing cost and improve store sales!

SKALE is helping all physical stores in SEA to help them bring their walk-ins back for FREE!

Why SMEs want a QR Code Poster?


Convert your store promo into a digital voucher to track & engage your walk-ins.

Customers are more likely to purchase in-store with a digital voucher


Retargeting your walk-ins
across Facebook & Google Ads is now possible. 


Also, use low cost channels, such as SMS & Emails to reach them


Collecting customer contact details
is no longer a hassle.


Each QR Code scan can lead to a potential sale and keep your customers coming back.

Get Started in 3 Steps

Design Your Poster.
We’ll Print & Deliver it

Customise your Page & QR Code Poster.


We will print it and deliver it straight to your store.

Customers Scan QR Code Poster

Capture customer contact details with digital vouchers and membership programme

Reach Your Store Customers Automatically

Retarget & Re-engage your walk-ins via Ads, Emails & SMS

What can I place on the Page?

Join Fellow Singapore SMEs & Get Your Own Page

Design Your Poster & We'll Deliver it Straight to You for Free!

Supporting over 7,000+ SMEs in SEA.

Supporting over 7,000+ SMEs in SEA. Let us help bring you closer to your goals.

Thousands of small businesses rely on SKALE to help them grow

Here’s why our customers choose us

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s Free! There’s no catch. We at SKALE have a goal to help as many physical businesses as possible to get more customers and keep them coming back to your store.

No, it’s completely optional. If you choose to use Digital Vouchers, we will award you with 50 free vouchers and only charge you $0.50/voucher afterwards.


Learn how Digital Vouchers can improve your store sales here!

Every customer that scans the QR code on the poster, you will be able to retarget them with personalized ads via our PushAds tool.

Yes you can! You can email customers that have downloaded a digital voucher or subscribed to your free membership programme.

Kindly login to view our sms rates.

It’s absolutely free! We will send you your poster directly to your designated address. If you wish to change your preferred location, kindly let us know via Whatsapp

Each customer must comply with SKALE’s and your terms and agreements before providing any personal information.

Therefore, we highly encourage SMEs to insert a privacy policy for the membership programme and Digital Voucher via our tool.