When Design Meets Digital – How Jewellery Brands Builds A Strong Online Presence?

Luxury jewellery brands have started embracing the opportunities of the connected and mobile world. In particular, the shift in how fine jewelry is being sold illustrates how even unlikely industries can take advantage of building an e-commerce website, whether to extend either their reach or enhance the omni-channel customer journey .

If you just launched your e-commerce site for your fine jewellery brand and if your prices are high and operating on a tight budget, then take a look at these tactics and get inspired today!

1. Take advantage of your data and make it work for you

Having a Google My Business account significantly increases your discovery rates
Take a look at your data and understand how you can keep them at your site and at least return again and again.

Whether you’ve been driving traffic through paid ads, organic content or influencers, fine jewellery brands needs to ensure every channel and touchpoint is being tracked and measured. Your customers behave in different ways based on the channel that brought them to your website and leveraging on Google Analytics or or any website analytical tool will be essential in understanding why they arrived and left?  Being analytical proves to be a highly successful way for luxury jewellery brands.

Once you are able to hone in on the messages and channels that work for you, hone in on these target audiences and engage them in highly targeted moments combined with the right message through various channels. Ultimately, leveraging on data will allow you to make judgements on key marketing metrics, and, landing page conversion & engagement rates will be a powerful asset to your brand. Establishing internal goals of growth % of these key metrics will be your very own north star towards success.

2. Re-engage your customers wisely via email

It is tempting to use all social media platforms, but that will hinder your business's performance

While fine jewellery enthusiasts may be high impulse buyers, this is highly dependant on their household income. Typically the average order value of each purchase can vary between $200 to $2,400, which is about an increase of 2000% based on their income. The customer journey is usually longer for diamonds as compared to denim, and being too promo happy may dilute the equity of the brand and will hurt retailers in the near or distant future. While ensuring a comprehensive email journey is very important, recognising key time periods in the process of conversions, albeit offline or online, is just as crucial.

Nuturing your potential customers with timed re-engagements via email will enable fine jewellery brands to remain top of mind and grow your customer lifetime value. Something as simple as knowing when they open emails to how many emails it takes to convince them to take an action will significantly scale your business.

3. Create In-store Experiences Online 

There’s a reason why online marketplaces allow sellers to list many product photos. It’s because more product photos mean that there’s a less chance you’re hiding flaws in your products. This is more important when it comes to high-value goods such as jewelry. Customers want to see the intricate designs from all angles and they need to be reassured through great product photography.

If you have to go out of your traditional way to show them every single detail of your product, do so, so you can lock their attention or make them visit your physical store. Provide them with product information as visual and as convenient as possible. 79% of Shoppers love the feeling of empowerment every time they find the product information they need using technology. Make sure always to deliver.


 4. Create Awareness, Nurture Customers (Online & Offline)

If they don’t know you, then they probably won’t convert with you

Building awareness is one of the most challenging aspects of establishing your presence online, but its very crucial. Luxury Jewellery brands have the advantage of essentially utilising your offline presence to channel them back to your e-commerce store, but few do it in an effective manner. Capture as many signals as possible offline, such as their names, mobile numbers and email addresses, favourable type of promotions, at the very least.

Creating memorable experiences by providing great customer service in-store, combined with their contact details allows you to further nurture them into a strong prospect list. The omni-channel experience will certainly give you a great boost in converting them back online and even bring them back offline.

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