Branding Ideas for Indian Beauty Spa Business Owners

Branding is the heart and soul of every business these days. Without proper branding initiatives, even a large brand can remain hidden. In contrast, with smart branding initiatives, even the smallest startup can get the attention of masses.

As the beauty spa business is quite competitive these days, there is a need for identifying initiatives that lead to a great brand image. Once done, you need to strengthen it by using innovative branding strategies.

Some of the branding ideas for beauty spa business owners in India that work marvellously are mentioned right here.

Understand Client Needs and Then Meet Them

The first thing you need to do when establishing a brand image or rebranding your business is to get in touch with the customers. You need to understand their expectations and then strive to meet them. This can be done via surveys (online or offline) or personal one-on-one meeting with some customers. You can also go for conducting thorough market research to know what’s missing in the market.

Indian beauty brand, Belita realized that women needed high quality and value for money beauty, wellness, and personal hygiene services. So, they strive to deliver the best service possible to your clients.

Be Different Than the Competition

Another smart strategy you need to consider while seeking branding ideas for beauty spa business owners in India is to analyze your competition. Then you need to ensure that your brand image is completely different than that of the competitors.

Look for something that customers want and the competition is not delivering yet and then deliver it yourself.

This strategy worked wonderfully well for Ananda Spa. The brand founders realized that spa meant different things to different people and no spa offered holistic wellness of the body, mind, and soul. The founders of Ananda spa took the opportunity and positioned its brand in that exact manner.

Explore All Marketing Channels [restrict]

Newspaper, magazines, brochures, TV ads, radio ads, etc. are considered as traditional marketing tactics. In contrast, using social media platforms, search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies are considered more modern and also even more effective in maximising brand exposure.

When looking for the best branding ideas for beauty spa business owners in India, you should consider both forms of marketing for maximum exposure.

It is also essential that you keep reviving your marketing strategy according to the response you are getting. You also need to focus on ROI achieved from a marketing campaign, be it digital or traditional.

The owners of O2 Spa did something similar. They started their brand building with traditional marketing that worked well for them for a few years. When they realized it’s not working anymore, they switched to Facebook and Google ads as the key to reaching maximum customers. Modern methods of marketing help the brand to get proper calculated returns. It is in contrast with the blurred return on investment offered by traditional marketing efforts.

Focus on Clients as Brand Promoters

While hunting for the best branding ideas for beauty spa business owners in India, you should also ensure that you focus on your customers. You also need to let them promote the brand. Yes, word of mouth is still a big boosting factor for a spa’s brand image and you should make the most of it. See to it that every person walking into the spa leaves with a smile on his or her face.

You can also make use of already available brand building tactics like client referral programs. In these programs, you give incentives to customers who refer your brand to a friend or family member.

Remember, brand building is a continuous process that begins and ends with the customers. The more customers you have, the better will be the chances of cementing a brand image that no one can tarnish easily.

Data says that beauty websites like receives 15,000 orders in a day. Most of them are from customers who are 22 to 25 years of age.

With the correct brand building strategy, a company can convert at least 10,000 customers to brand loyalists and promoters, won’t you agree?

In essence, it can be seen that brand building is a long and continuous process that needs a lot of patience. You cannot build a brand in a day, you need to work on it constantly to ensure that you get a reputable image. You can do this by meeting client needs, being different than the competitors, using marketing tactics and focusing on clients for word of mouth. These are the best branding ideas for beauty spa business owners in India that usually work.

Actionable Takeaway:

When hoping to find the best branding ideas for beauty spa business owners in India, you should read online and offline brand building stories. If you see others succeed by using a smart strategy, you will be able to implement it yourself with ease too. So, stop thinking and start reading now!


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