4 Ways To Build Brand Loyalty For Your Filipino Retail Business

How do you gain a loyal customer?

To be honest, there isn’t really a perfect formula for that. Even bigger companies constantly study how the market ticks to be able to consistently work on building brand loyalty. It takes a lot of work but once achieved, it could mean growth for your business.

So, we thought of giving you some tips on how to drive your customers in and keep them coming back.

1. Engage with Social Media Influencers

One of the most popular marketing trends at the moment would have to be influencer marketing for this is a surefire way to attract audiences and start engagements organically.

Why does it work? It’s as simple as this: people value the recommendations of the people they trust. And a lot of us look up to social media influencers as if they are a new breed of celebrities.

Maybelline Philippines, Belo Medical Group, Happy Skin Cosmetics are just some of the popular businesses in the country that turn to online influencers to reach more consumers and increase brand awareness.

All that you need now is to identify which influencers represent your brand best. You might think that this will cost you much but there are some influencers who will be willing to make a product review or at least give your brand an exposure on their YouTube channels or blogs in exchange of your services or goods. Win-win.

2. Listen to your Target Market

There will be passionate customers along the way who will give their honest feedback about your brand. And whether it is a good or a bad comment, you should be able to use whatever information they give you to your advantage to improve your business.

It is also good to check in with them once in a while to see if there is a way that you can step up your game. For example, you can start a poll about what they would love to see you coming up with. This way, they could anticipate something from you that they know they would like.

3. Start a Marketing Campaign

Campaigns are usually created to boost engagements. However, achieving social success for your brand campaign could get a little tricky since it will require you a well-thought-of strategy that will not only spark the interest of your audience but will also make them feel the need to respond or take action.

Jollibee, for example. Not too long ago, this local fast-food chain gained massive viral success for uploading a series of short films that blew the minds of the Filipino netizens. Through storytelling, their campaign captured the emotions of their target audience which resulted to millions of views, likes and shares. And not to mention, more followers.

Now, this type of approach might not be suitable for all brands because it will usually depend on the model of the company. What might work for a B2C (Business to Consumer) might not work for a B2B (Business to Business) or vice-versa. But keep in mind that for a campaign to be successful, you will need to tick off these points: creativity, relevance, consistency and timing.

4. Try to localize whenever you can

Consumers can’t be loyal to you if they don’t feel connected to you. Therefore, you need to develop a strategy that can help you build the intimacy between your brand and your audience. One way to do it is to consider localization.

Whether that is content translation or a campaign based on a local tradition, localization could potentially boost the consumer experience because you are not only encouraging better interaction, you are also making your audience feel that you want to reach them on a more personal level.

It could take a while but brand loyalty is something that businesses should always work on. For over time, this will determine the success of the business and the kind of reputation it will transport to the audiences.

Actionable Takeaway:

Correct your mistakes and try to always improve your business – from your products to your branding up to customer service. Also, focus on your target market and how to make them happy. Because remember that most of the time, only happy customers come back.

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