How to Use Your POS System to Improve Customer Service 

Providing good customer service is not just about wearing big smiles or being patient with fussy customers – it is also about getting to know your customer’s likes and preferences and adapting your service to suit them. But how do we get to know our customers beyond small talk and half-hearted feedback responses? After years of being an owner of a small and humble coffeehouse, I have discovered the many ways that the point-of-sales (POS) system can provide such insights for your business. Read on if you want to find out how!

1. Getting to Know What They Want


The POS’s system back-end reporting, along with a cloud-based system, allows us business owners to run numerous reports from your computer. The reports will provide you with information about both top selling items and unpopular items in your shop so that you can evaluate which items to increase in stock and which to decrease or eventually phase out.

This makes sure that no customer leaves your shop unsatisfied – they will always get the item that they want because it is always in ready supply! It also helps you cut losses by removing items that do not sell too well, which indirectly allows you to focus on developing items that would be more popular with your customer base as well.

2. Hassle Free Payments 

POS software also has the ability to minimise waiting time through its systematic structure. If you are a restaurant owner and you are using the iPad for ordering, you can organise your items into multiple categories. For example, your dishes can either be organised into appetisers, mains, deserts or drinks. You can also create an additional category for special offers or Christmas specials based on the occasion!

This saves you so much time while taking orders because it is simply easier to track the item especially if you have a larger menu. This means that customers won’t be left hanging while you find the item and the item will be sent through to the kitchen quicker.  Don’t make your customers wait too long to enjoy your delicious food!

3.  Building Relationships

Could you confidently say that you remember every person that passes through your restaurant doors? Or even their names? I could not either before utilising my POS system to sent email receipts to my customers. These email receipts allows you to remember your customer’s name and contact details from which you can keep in touch by sending them future promotions and new products.
Now you won’t ever have to worry about forgetting names and you can confidently greet customers by name with a huge smile on your face!

4. Saving You Time – For More Customer Service

Using efficient POS system allows business owners like ourselves to spend more time on having quality conversations with our customers face-to-face. You won’t have to worrying about troubleshooting and becoming flustered in front of your customer – which also leaves a bad impression of your business.
Actionable Takeaway:
Make the most out of your POS system beyond sales targets and losses. Make sure that you use it to provide the best customer experience that leads to sustainable customer relationships. 

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