A Restauranteurs Guide to Choosing Take Away Disposable Packaging

Want to make sure that your food retains the same taste and quality even after being taken away? Given the prominence of food delivery services like FoodPanda and Deliveroo, making sure the quality of your food is maintained is extremely crucial as a large volume of food is taken away. We know how important it is to provide every consumer with the best dining experience – be it within your own restaurant or in the comfort of their own home. This article will offer you a few suggestions on how to choose your disposable packaging based on what your restaurant priorities the most.

1. Green Packaging

Green, biodegradable paper and compostable paper is a hit among green restaurants. It is made of renewable resources that can be easily recycled by your consumers – just make sure to remind them of it’s longevity so that they won’t ditch it right after enjoying their meal! 

For restaurant owners, you won’t have to compromise on functionality either as it comes in both lid and hinged lids form, which saves you time in your fast-paced restaurant setting.


What more, they are soak proof and have no plastic or wax lining connected to them which means both hot and chilly food can be stored in it. This means that hot food can be delivered without “Sweating” out of the packaging, which gives customers an uncomfortable experience even before digging into their meal. Although this packaging may be on the pricer side, they are a sustainable option that many green restaurants have invested in to protect our earth.


2. Wallet Friendly Packaging

Looking for a cheaper option for takeaways? Foam packaging is one of the most common disposable packaging options for a good reason. 
The insulated foam structure makes sure that your consumer’s food, both chilled and hot, is kept at the same temperature it was when it first left your restaurant. What more, foam is easy to tear off which makes the dining experience even easier when consumers are able to tear off the lid to prevent it from flapping around or easily share the meal with their loved ones. 

The only downside of foam is that it is non-microwavable. However, if your food is delicious enough for consumers to wolf down in one go, re-heating is not something you would have to worry about!


3. Aesthetically Pleasing Packaging

Want to make sure that both the taste and the appearance of the food is up to par to in-house dining? We have some aesthetically pleasing disposable packaging for you as well!
Microwavable takeaway paper boxes is all the talk now – this packaging is even environmentally friendly! Many small hipster cafes have been using this option for packaging because the material allows them to adorn the packaging with their brand name easily through services such as Packadz. 
What more, this packaging is leak and grease resistant, keeping your food fresh all the way to your consumer’s house.
Actionable takeaway: 
Decide on your choice of disposable packaging based on your restaurant’s own personal branding and stand in the community. 

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