7 Habits Every Small Business Owner Should Develop

After many years in the industry, I realised that being a successful small business owner does not only include hard work and grit. There are many other factors that influence the quality of our leadership. The habits below made me the small business owner that I want to be and I hope that it helps you along your journey as well.

1. Keep Your Focus Ahead

Being forward thinking is extremely crucial. In order to get ahead, we leaders have to be brazen and forward looking enough to stray outside of business norms. Be it taking a risk by going against proven market trends or investing in a new unfamiliar market, such risks have to be taken in order for your business to be distinctive.

2. Be Decisive [restrict]

We are swamped with decisions everyday – from daily operations to broad decisions that will affect the direction of our company. No matter the impact, it is important to be firm and decisive in your stance. If you tend to waver and doubt yourself, your staff will see that too and have little confidence in following any new direction that you have set out for them. These decisions have to be well thought through with the right people consulted beforehand. But after all of this, remaining confident is key!

3. Remain Organised

It is no doubt that small business owners have thousand of business ideas going through their heads on the daily. However, this wealth of innovative ideas is only really useful if one remains organised. To be organised is to note down all these ideas and make sure that you follow through with them with meetings, discussions and deadlines that you will stick to.

4. Have a Strategic Eye

Being a small business owner gives you the added advantage of being on the ground and being able to point out weaknesses easily. Make sure that internal processes like service and distribution is carried out in a cost and time efficient manner by getting rid of arbitrary processes. And don’t be afraid to try out new suppliers if they fail to meet your standards.

5. Form Meaningful Relationships

Get to know your employees beyond their roles in your company. Forming meaningful relationships with your employees will make working together easier. Trust me, it is better to be a personable boss than a distant and cold one.

6. Focus on Yourself

This business venture is everything for us – we have invested our time and money into making it work. But it is also important to remember that we still have a life outside of this. Focusing on family and ourselves allows us time to recharge. Being drained out is counterproductive. So take some time aside so that you can be your best self at work.
Actionable takeaway:
Being a successful small business owner is not elusive. It may take constant effort to check up on yourself and your staff’s progress but strong leadership will ultimately lead your company in the right direction. 

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