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Malaysia’s Premier Mall with over 400 retail stores, Collaborates with SKALE to Drive Footfall, Rebound in Sales for Tenants, and Acquire New Shoppers

Current Challenges

SKALE’s 4 Prong Solution for Mall Client

Enabling 1-Stop Mall Branded Digital Voucher Platform and Knowing Your Customer

SKALE collaborated with a premier shopping mall in Malaysia to develop a 1-stop digital voucher platform, enabling the digitising of mall’s tenant promotions into App-less downloadable digital vouchers.

Both Tenants and Mall management could easily create up hundreds of Digital Vouchers easily in a few simple clicks, converting every tenant promotion as Downloadable Vouchers in 1 single site.

From a Shopper’s perspective, Shoppers could easily submit their contact details and download as many Tenant’s Promotional Digital Vouchers. This allowed the Mall to build up a Customer Database of Prospective Shoppers and a wealth of customer data on the Who (Name, Email, Mobile), the Where (Source for Shopper) and What (their preferred Tenant Brands, Categories)

Leverage on Geo-Fencing to Acquire the Most Actionable Shoppers for The Mall

By leveraging on geo-fencing, SKALE was able to identify Shoppers located 100m – 2km from the mall, including those living, working and studying around the mall.

To further entice Shoppers to visit the mall, SKALE further introduced hyperlocal and personalized Ads across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Top Sites to ensure Shoppers would see the type of categories and tenants that they were most interested in.

Tracking Tenant Sales Real-Time

Shoppers that have downloaded digital vouchers could easily redeem them at tenant’s stores, by entering unique pin codes specific to the tenant. This allowed the mall to track total attributable sales in real-time across each individual tenant.


More importantly, mall management could track the total tenant sales, basket size, source of every customer real-time via SKALE’s Analytics Dashboard. Through the dashboard, Mall Management was able to act upon the customer insights aggregated to easily identify the following groups of Shoppers and to automate personalized Email and SMS messages to each individual Shopper


• New Mall Shoppers who have not installed Mall App
• Dormant Mall Shoppers
• Recurring Mall Shoppers during Dinner time belt
• F&B Diners
• Shoppers interested in Retail
• High Value Shoppers (Average Basket Size >S$300)
• Shoppers interested in Promotions


Through the 1 Stop Digital Voucher platform, the Mall was able to achieve 8,000+ new customer database, and 13x ROI with 60% – 95% voucher redemption rate across each individual tenant.

More importantly, the mall was able to continuously leverage on the rich data built through the campaign, to strategically create new audience segments for future marketing campaigns.

60% - 95%

Voucher Redemption rate

13x ROI

 with Total Attributable Sales of over 6 Digit


new shoppers directed to mall

Voucher Redemption Rate

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