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Global FMCG collaborates with SKALE to drive footfall and acquire new customers


A global FMCG giant is embracing digitalization to drive footfall and acquire new customers.


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The Story

Making sustainable living commonplace

The FMCG brand is one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies, making and selling around 400 brands in more than 190 countries. The FMCG brand is a company that is thriving hard to ensure that it plays a part in helping fulfill their purpose as a business, to make sustainable living commonplace.

The Goal

Increasing sales and basket size

The FMCG brand’s search for solutions is mainly to drive footfall by having prospective shoppers convert in-store, acquire loyal, recurring customers, and ultimately, increase sales and basket size.

The Challenge

Capturing data and creating a single source promotions platform

The FMCG brand is faced with two main challenges to reach its objective. Firstly, the willingness of retailers to share their data and collaborate with FMCG brands. Another challenge faced is creating a single-source platform of promotions for consumers.

The Solution

Digitalising in-store promotions


Convert a “Spend and Redeem” Promotion into Downloadable Digital Voucher​​

To reach their goals, The FMCG brand and SKALE collaborated to take four critical approaches. Firstly, all promotions are digitalized into downloadable digital vouchers with a strong “hook” to incentivize shoppers to visit the store.


Hyperlocal Ads Targeting New Customers

The FMCG brand also leverages targeted ads with geo-fencing to capture shoppers nearby the stores. This successfully drove shoppers nearby to download digital vouchers and visit participating stores.


Real-Time Sales Tracking In-Store through Digital Vouchers (ROI)​

To make it all seamless, a simple, no-hassle way of tracking in-store voucher redemption was introduced. No hardware or any integration was needed; a unique 6-digit pin was deployed instead.


In-Store Engagement & Automated Re-engagement​

An automated re-engagement was deployed through SMS to drive shoppers to return to the store to fulfill the objective of capturing more consumer data. This would also enhance the shopper experience, which in proportion would increase the basket size.

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FMCG data collection guide

The FMCG Marketer's Guide to First-party Data Collection

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