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Chatbots are no longer just for customer service.
Learn how to harness chatbots to create direct relationships with your customers, collect purchase data, boost engagement, and drive personalization to boost your business ROI.
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SKALE is the go-to marketing platform for FMCG and CPG brands to drive, enable, and track online-to-offline success.


Our platform provides a comprehensive suite of marketing tools to drive shoppers to ecommerce marketplaces and physical stores and collect relevant customer data such as shopper footfall, purchase information, and first-party data.

2023 Chatbot Playbook for FMCGs: Building 1:1 Customer Relationships

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SKALE collaborated with a shopping mall group to launch an augmented reality gamified campaign across 7 malls in Malaysia.
The AR game enabled the mall group to capture customer data, drive new app members, deliver points for receipt uploads, and reward active app users. Within 3 months, we achieved:
  • 4.4 million shoppers
  • over 40,000 receipts uploaded
  • over 5,000 new app members
  • 8-digit tenant sales
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SKALE is an all-in-one marketing platform that has been at the forefront in developing mall-centric shopper experiences across SEA. 

Our platform provides a comprehensive suite of marketing tools that drive online-to-offline conversions, and collect relevant offline data such as shopper footfall, in-store sales, and first-party data.