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This is the story of how a local restaurant went from having 10 – 15 tables daily, to seeing a 70% increase in number of tables through highly targeted communication and marketing.


As a F&B owner, you have invested a lot of time, resources, and manpower into creating a menu, designing your restaurant and training the right people to serve your customers.


Yet, footfall is your number 1 problem. Organic footfall is just not sufficient and there is a lot of competition from nearby eateries and cafes.


For a small business that has limited marketing dollars, your biggest concern is that your limited resources (that includes your time and marketing budget) is going to initiatives that capture the most actionable group of diners near you and on marketing strategies that can first help you see a positive ROI – which can be further reinvested into growth.

About the Café

This is a small, cozy concept Italian Pizzeria serving authentic woodfire pizza, calzone and Italian home made pasta. Serving an all day menu, this pizzeria is located on the fringe of an enclave of 15 – 20 cafes, restaurants and hawker serving home owners from the estate, and professionals working in the nearby office area.

Their Priority

At the onset, their priority was to ensure they were reaching prospective diners who lived or worked near their restaurant. The goal was to reach the lunch crowd around the office areas near them during lunch timebelt and to focus on capturing the diners who lived the neighbourhood during dinner timebelt.


The secondary objective was to ensure that these diners would enjoy the experience and then return and dine at their pizzeria again.

The Challenge

They were a relatively new brand in the neighbourhood, and there were at least 6 other western cuisine names within the same enclave with similar price point and offering.


More importantly, they were located slightly off the enclave and the organic traffic was much weaker and as a result of it, many of the neighbours and office lunch diners were not aware of their restaurant.

Her 4 Prong Strategy to Growing

Prong 1 – Creating a Downloadable Digital Voucher


Instead of hiring freelancers to distribute flyers on their pizzeria promotion, Pizzeria Italia took their  promotion and converted the Promotion into a Downloadable Digital Voucher using SKALE.


The first Digital Voucher was designed for a lunch crowd and to incentivize group dine-ins. The second Digital Voucher was designed to incentivize nearby diners for the dinner timebelt.



Now, any prospective diner could download a Digital Voucher for their Pizzeria by Submitting their Name, Email and Mobile.


The best part is, the Pizzeria could build up a customer database of the most relevant customers, and an automated SMS and Email would be send to the Diners with a link for them to call and book or to reserve a table online.


Built Up 120+ Customer Details with Name, Email, Mobile in the first month

Prong 2 – Geo-Fencing to Capture Most Relevant Customer Near Store


To reach the Pizzeria’s target audience during lunch and dinner timebelt, they Pushed the Digital Vouchers as a PushAd on Facebook, Instagram and Display Ads.


The first PushAd was to drive downloads for the Lunch Digital Voucher using geo-fencing to target the lunch crowd diners at the office buildings within 200m from the restaurant. More importantly, the Ad featured amazing live reviews of their woodfire pizza and home made pasta with a downloadable lunch voucher


The second PushAd was instead to drive downloads for a Family-Style Meal Digital Voucher designed to capture families living nearby. Similarly, both Digital Vouchers featured reviews of their woodfire pizza and home made pasta.


Through 2 highly targeted Digital Vouchers, the Pizzeria was able to segment and build up a customer database of lunch and dinner diners.

Prong 3 – Tracking those who converted in-store


The pizzeria was able to track the effectiveness of each of their Digital Vouchers through a unique set of 6-digit Pin Code that was generated for the pizzeria outlet.


Through that, the Pizzeria was able to have Real-Time visibility on “Who Dined at the Pizzeria, when they dined and how much they spent in-store”


The Pizzeria saw a 61% voucher redemption rate through a highly targeted campaign

Prong 4 – Re-engaging the Shoppers who matter


Previously, the Pizzeria had no way of knowing who was living or working nearby and who would be interested in their lunch or dinner menu.


By using Digital Vouchers, the Pizzeria was able to build up a customer database and knew who had downloaded the vouchers, and who had or had not used the Digital Vouchers instore.


To incentivize returning Diners, the Pizzeria also printed tent cards for each individual table with a QR Code driving Diners to a Digital Voucher for 5% off their next visit. Upon paying the bill, the servers would encourage each diner to download these Digital Vouchers that would expire in 30 days.


Through these returning Digital Vouchers, the Pizzeria then automated personalized SMS-es to Diners who had downloaded the Returning Digital Vouchers for 5% off their next visit but had not utilized it.


From thereon, the Pizzeria was able to further increase the booking rates and retain their most prospective diners.

The Results


Voucher Downloads in first month


Voucher Redemption Rate

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