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Every online store wants to increase traffic and conversions. But even after you’ve put together a basic strategy it can still be challenging to decide on which marketing tactics you should try.


Setting up your e-commerce website and optimising it for the best shopping experience is only part of the equation. It’s true that the fastest and easiest way to drive traffic and conversions on your website would be online ads.

For a small business that has limited marketing dollars, it is more important than ever that your online ads are targeting the most actionable group of customers and on marketing strategies that can first help you see a positive ROI, which can be further reinvested into growth. 


This is the story of how an online fashion brand garnered 23x Returns on Ad Spend in online sales for their seasonal campaign

About the brand

This apparel and beauty brand has a strong regional presence across Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei selling modern modest wear 

Their Priority

For the brand owner, their focus was on driving prospective consumers to her online store and increase conversions for their upcoming Ramadan sales campaign. They had a growing organic presence online, but the cart abandonment rates were high as most online businesses experience.

The Challenge

They had historically been dependent on working with agencies to drive their e-commerce marketing campaigns, but it required high ad spend and coordination that didn’t meet their needs and demands.

Her 3 Prong Strategy to Growing

Prong 1 – Send Personalised SMS Campaigns 


The brand wanted to reach new customers, while successfully engaging existing website visitors to convert on their site. 


They also had a customer database of existing shoppers, which they uploaded on the SKALE Platform to effectively reach this users and automatically create lookalike audiences (an audience group that expresses similar interest as your list).


Not to mention, they also decided to engage with them personally via personalised SMS and Email campaigns via SKALE. Each SMS was targeted based on the customers spending history and purchased products/SKUs.


Brand managed to successfully convert 20% of their cart abandoners

Prong 2 – Drive Highly Targeted Traffic to Reach New Customers


To reach the right shoppers, they created PushAds on Facebook, Instagram and Display Ads and opted to use SKALE’s enhanced high-intent targeting sets (users that display high-intent to purchase fashion products – similar to in-market audiences on Google)


This way, she could ensure her marketing dollars were spent reaching shoppers who were most actionable and increase their ROI


The brand managed to achieve 23X Higher CTR

Prong 3 – AB Tested Retargeting Messaging


They also launched Retargeting PushAds and AB tested Ad Creatives to reach their existing website visitors to increase overall engagement and conversions.


They created 2 Ad Creatives, where one was focused on highlighting the promotion with urgency e.g (7 days left) and another focusing on FOMO by highlighting that their best seller products were selling fast.


The FOMO based Ad Creative garnered higher success in driving traffic and sales to their website


Overall, the brand successfully achieved 23X Returns on Ad Spend

The Results


Increase in CTR


Returns on Ad Spend


of Revenue Directly Attributed to SKALE campaigns

Increased Customer Database

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Used by thousands of SMEs globally

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