Keep your accounting software up to date – it’s important!

We all know the world is changing faster and faster so it’s vital that you stay up to date in all aspects of your business, including your accounting software. New technology is coming to us all the time and there is more coming soon, but how much of it are you aware of and how much of it do you know how to use effectively?

Keeping up to speed with technological developments that could have huge benefits to your business can be challenging, often you don’t know where to look for accurate information and good support. ABSS offers guidance and support for staying up to date with accounting software so why don’t you sign up for a free trial today?

Upgrading is not a fashion

Upgrading accounting software can easily lead to increased productivity and lower costs. Like many business expenses, purchasing accounting software upgrades should be viewed as an investment in both your SME business and your employees. It makes sense to approach these purchases by researching the pros and cons, but remember that many of the advantages of upgraded accounting software go beyond everyday expenses.

Pros… [restrict]

When you find accounting software that meets the needs of your business, it makes sense to stick with it. But why not move with the times and upgrade when a new version becomes available? Business software upgrades typically address flaws and vulnerabilities in previous versions, as well as new additions from feedback or design. More features are also included and old functionality is improved, creating a better user experience and deliverables.

There is no guarantee that the latest edition of accounting software will be bug-free. Installing new software can sometimes use up valuable time as you and your staff learn the ins and outs of the upgrade.

Software developers continually aim to improve the functionality of their products to be easier to use and streamlined, which is why upgrading is so beneficial. If you need help understanding how upgraded software impacts productivity, check how long it takes your staff to use one version of the software for a task and compare the time it takes to complete the same task with a newer version of software. Some SMEs save hundreds of hours a year in productivity just by upgrading to a newer version of software.

& Cons…

Some users are satisfied with slightly outdated versions of software, particularly if the version they have gets the job done and meets their needs. It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone but if you are an entrepreneur get motivated and stay current by getting to grips with the latest version of your accounting software to maximise the benefits to your business.

It’s not uncommon to equate new with better, but this is not always the case. Even if your employees are familiar with current software upgrading to a new version might not help productivity immediately. There will be new features to get familiar with, or a previously simple process might have become more complex. It’s best to research the difference between a previous and a new version of the software and get feedback from your team before making a final decision. It take’s time to install any new business software upgrades and ensure that it works effectively.

A new update could result in the computer’s hard-drive being wiped, resulting in loss of data. If your company’s computers all run the same kind of software and a newer version has been released, put some thought into the advantages of upgrading and to assess whether or not there is a real need for upgrading.

ABSS Premium Cover offers all the support your team will need, just pick up the phone and ask.

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Learning your way around a new interface is always part of the process of upgrading your operating system. You may discover that you no longer know how to do simple tasks or you simply don’t like the new ways of doing things.

You can smooth this transition to a new operating system by configuring settings to make the interface look and behave more like your existing one.

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This article was contributed by SME business solutions provider Asian Business Software Solutions (ABSS). Find out more about ABSS branded accounting software and their wide range of products and services here.