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A Furniture retailer in Singapore collaborated with SKALE to drive retail store footfall and maximise sales for 4-Day sales event.


By deploying SKALE’s best practices, the campaign successfully achieve the following results:

  • 14x return on ad spend from the offline to online campaign.
  • ~300 + Voucher Downloads 
  • $42,000 in Sales Revenue in just 10 days


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Products Used

The Story

An Eclectic Blend of Cult Furnishing Brands

From affordable luxury to premium labels, our client offers a complete solution of furniture, beds, lighting, wardrobes, kitchens, rugs, and accessories for residential and commercial projects.

The Goal

Driving Awareness and Maximise Sales for a 4-Day Sales Event

In line with the main goal, our client aimed to drive awareness and footfall for their upcoming 4-day sales event to catch up on loss sales due to Covid. Our client also aimed to enhance their existing customer database through acquiring new customers from the event.

The Challenge

Driving Footfall Amidst Covid-19

Due to Covid-19 and the regulations that came with it, our client initially struggled to find a tangible mechanic to drive consumer behaviour (footfall) and action (maximises sales) in-store. They were also searching for a solution to attribute and tracking marketing ROI from their direct marketing efforts.

The Solution

Leveraging on Geo-Fencing SKALE’s Voucher Ads

To successfully achieve the objectives, four approaches were taken.


Convert a “Spend and Redeem” Promotion into Downloadable Digital Voucher​​

In-store promotions were converted into downloadable digital vouchers. This key approach successfully drove shoppers to engage with the ads to download vouchers.


Hyperlocal Ads Targeting New Customers

For the digital ads to be effective in maximizing sales conversion, we leveraged on hyperlocal geofencing targeting capabilities to target the most relevant shoppers with the propensity to convert.  To fully utilise the ads, all converted/non-converted shoppers who downloaded, used or engaged with the voucher ads were retargeted.


Real-Time Sales Tracking In-Store through Digital Vouchers (ROI)​

In addition to driving shoppers to download digital vouchers, a specific 6-digit pin were deployed for ease of tracking in-store real-time sales conversion and voucher redemption.


In-Store Engagement & Automated Re-engagement​

To top it all off, a customer database was built up to unlock long-term marketing capabilitites as well as automating re-engagement through SMS reminders.

Their Success

  • Drive New Customers to Store focusing on High Spender Clients

  • Build Up Customer Database

  • Convert High Spenders to Recurring Customers

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