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Indonesia’s Leading Grocery Brand collaborates with SKALE to Drive In-Store Sales and Recurring Customer.


Indonesia’s largest hypermarket chain and most prominent modern retailer with more than 200 stores nationwide, setting a goal to propel Online-2-Offline Sales.

Overall Result

1 mil
new unique shoppers
1 x
1 %
uplift in basket size

Products Used

The Story

A one-stop shopping destination

Indonesia’s hypermarket chain was established in 1986, emphasizing becoming a successful modern retailer and serving the large consumer market. Today, it is a colossal hypermarket chain and a one-stop shopping destination, successfully operating more than 222 stores nationwide catering to consumers’ needs by selling groceries, beauty products, toys, electronics, and more.

The Goal

Optimizing marketing results

For a seamless operational expansion in developing the perfect approach in line with the exponential growth of digitalization, the ultimate goal is to acquire high-value customers, increase the basket size of existing customers, and implement AB test promotions and product strategies.

The Challenge

Tracking marketing results

Traditional marketing approaches are expensive and have no clear method of tracking ROI. The hypermarket chain is also facing obstacles in tracking marketing ROI, segmenting and upselling existing customers, and building up a customer database.

The Solution

Impactfully integrate software and service in marketing strategies.

SKALE and the client worked closely to roll out four key strategies: successfully

Digitize Ongoing In-Store Promotions


Converted Hundreds of Promotions into Downloadable Digital Catalogue / Voucher​

The first step taken was to digitize hundreds of ongoing in-store promotions with a heavy emphasis on acquiring new customers resulting in same-stores-earnings-growth with the addition of successfully building up a low-cost direct communication channel with new and existing customers.


Hyperlocal Ads Targeting New Customers​

Hyperlocal ads were deployed to acquire new customers by identifying the most relevant catchment area for each store. In addition to the online ads, SKALE promoted a Digital Catalogue across multiple Digital Ad Channels (e.g., Social Media, Search Engines)


Real-Time Sales Tracking In-Store through Digital Vouchers (ROI)​

SKALE also deployed a strategy to rapidly build up a customer database that fully tracks sales conversions for each store using simple short-links and QR codes in-store. Successfully capturing real-time customer data in-store and tracking in-store sales conversion.


In-Store Engagement & Automated Re-engagement​

In addition to strategies deployed, SKALE and the client gained triumph in automating, personalizing, and re-engaging new and existing customers by deploying QR posters to track in-store shopper data and leveraging on the customer database built by SKALE.

Specific Success Detail

By using SKALE’s best practices, the campaign victoriously achieved the following with virtually zero capital expenditure:

  • 7x return on ad spends from the Online-2-Offline Campaign.
  • Driving 2,000 new prospective customers to the store each week
  • Went 8 million new unique shoppers with a 145% uplift in basket size for attributable sales.
  • Fifteen thousand new customer contact details were collected.

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