Activate, Capture, and Engage shoppers all year rou​nd.

One plan for all your campaign needs: Gamification, Smart Receipts, Chatbot, Digital Vouchers, Dedicated Support – all in one! 

Subscription plan​

Run multiple campaigns over a 12-month period using SKALE’s customizable solutions with a single subscription plan.



All-in-one package

USD $3,100 /mth


Gamification + Smart Receipts

USD $1,800 /mth


Digital Stamp Card + Smart Receipts

USD $2,500 /mth


Chatbot + Smart Receipts

USD $2,400 /mth



USD $600 /mth

Client-branded Homepage


Choose up to 4 Standard Games.

Choose 1 Standard Game.

Digital Stamp Card

Digital Vouchers and Rewards Marketplace

Built-in Digital Challenges

Smart Receipts


Free Receipts / mo






Free Conversation / mo




Annual Credits


Dedicated account manager

Choose up to 4 games from SKALE's gamification solutions.

Free Receipts/ mo : 2,000
Free Convo/ mo : 3,000
Annual Credits : 800/qtr

$3,100 USD/mth

Choose 1 game from SKALE's gamification solutions.

Free Receipts/ mo : 2,000

$1,800 USD/mth

Free Receipts/ mo : 2,000

$2,500 USD/mth

Free Receipts/ mo : 2,000
Free Convo/ mo : 3,000

$2,400 USD/mth

Short-term campaign​

Run a short-term campaign for at least 3 months. This package includes a one-time tech setup fee for a fixed set of SKALE’s solutions.​

Spend & Win campaigns

Boost participation rates and instantly reward shoppers for every proof of purchase.

Loyalty programs

Deliver points, chances, and rewards to active shoppers, and track every action in a single dashboard.

Sweepstakes & Contests

From activation and shopper engagement to winner selection and fulfillment, SKALE handles it all.

Chatbot campaigns

Engage customers and deliver instant rewards through SKALE’s FMCG chatbot and Smart Receipts system.

Gamification campaigns

Drive shopper engagement both offline and online using exciting games.

Coupon marketing

Convert promos into downloadable vouchers to drive and track real-time promo redemption.

Explore SKALE's Subscription Plans

All-in-one Package​

Access all SKALE’s products for multiple campaigns or brands all year round. ​​​

Standard Gamification

Gamify shopper experiences and deliver rewards for every purchase, referral, image upload, QR code scan, and other actions. 

Games available:

Digital Stamp Card

Drive loyalty all year by automatically giving a stamp and rewarding shoppers based on their purchases or challenges completed. ​​

SKALE Chatbot + Smart Receipts​

Send a personalized reward for every receipt uploaded on your verified WhatsApp or Messenger platform. ​​​


What is a SKALE subscription plan?

SKALE’s subscription plan lets brands launch multiple campaigns in a year without any upfront tech setup fees.

The package includes a dedicated account manager, your own branded platform with customizable features, and additional resources for using the platform and launching effective and seamless campaigns.

Payment can be made on a monthly basis, but opting for an annual payment comes with special discounts.

Do you want to know which subscription plan will best suit your needs? Let’s chat! Click to sign up for a quick exploratory call with one of our friendly representatives.

Absolutely! You may run multiple campaigns at the same time.

Your package includes a specific number of campaigns. For additional campaigns, you may contact your Account Manager for preferential rates.

Yes, with our annual payment plan, you will automatically receive a 7% discount. However, if you subscribe at any point in 2024, the discount increases to an impressive 15% off.

1. You can change the overall look and feel of the platform, from logos to visual assets, to fit your branding requirements.

2. You can customize the campaign mechanics, such as whether you want to give out points, game chances, or digital vouchers as instant rewards.

3. If your plan includes the Smart Receipts module, you can set the receipt validation logic so the system knows which receipts are qualified.

You can, for example, specify the minimum transaction amount, the required SKUs, and the store locations that are eligible for the campaign.

4. If your plan includes the Chatbot module, you can update the copies and content workflows while maintaining complete control over the conversational experience.

5. You can choose which challenges you want shoppers to complete in order to receive rewards, such as uploading a receipt, taking a selfie, referring a friend, or scanning a QR code.

6. In the Rewards Marketplace, you can add or change the digital vouchers that people can download and redeem online or in-store.

With SKALE, you’ll be able to collect comprehensive shopper insights, from their first-party data to purchasing habits.
You’ll receive access to our analytics dashboard, providing real-time visibility into shopper data and campaign performance.
No, you’ll get the flexibility to create campaigns across multiple brands.
You can do a one-time integration with CRM platforms for an additional fee.
A free trial is not currently available. However, we can set up a customised demo platform for you to explore and test your chosen subscription package.

For any questions or to schedule a consultation, you may reach out to our customer support team at

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