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The Challenges Faced by Shopping Malls

Driving Footfall and Tenant Sales

We understand how hard it is for shopping malls to have strong footfall and tenant sales all year, not just during the holiday season. However, coming up with fresh promotions and events for each shopping mall on a regular basis is tedious, expensive, and time-consuming. 

Lacks visibility on Customer Data and Tenant Sales

Shopping malls do not have a way to identify their mall shoppers and attribute tenant sales to their online ads or offline events.  

Malls, unlike online retailers, are unable to generate rich consumer insights, limiting their ability to track ROI and deliver personalized experiences which shoppers crave for. 

Low app installs and engagement

It is difficult to drive mall app installs and keep users engaged without constantly offering high-value rewards or introducing new ways to earn points or incentives. Building in-app programs that consistently engage users often needs substantial resources and third-party agencies.

What can you achieve with SKALE

We enable you to engage and incentivize shoppers from mobile apps to shopping centers 24/7, helping you deliver that omnichannel experience for your mall goers.  

We equip you with ready-to-use gamified and innovative solutions that will engage your shoppers and keep them returning to your mall. Finally, we help you uncover shopper insights so you can deliver personalized campaigns and strengthen tenant relationships. 

Ready to learn more about SKALE Enterprise?

Launch Gamified Campaigns in Your Malls, With or Without an App

Gamification works! Engage shoppers on a whole new level with gamified rewards and loyalty campaigns. The best part is that you can use these modules with or without your own mall app.  

From augmented reality games and a Metaverse mall to fun and rewarding games like Spin & Win, Scratch Cards, Riddles, and digital stamp cards, you can engage users, collect shopper data, and deliver hyper-personalized rewards and give them that dopamine boost.  

receipt scanning and smart rewards

Gather Your Shoppers’ Data and Buying Behavior Through Receipts.

Our Smart Receipts platform allows you to automate receipt processing and approval while tracking transaction data in real time. We can easily integrate this application in your mall app to maximize the customer data you can gather from it.  


Collect consumer and sales insights across your shopping malls, and reward customers based on their purchases, shopping mall location, or lifetime value.  

Start Driving and Tracking Your Tenants’ Promo Redemptions

Identify tenant shoppers and bargain hunters by tracking in-mall promo redemptions in real time.  


Convert hundreds of tenant promotions into digital vouchers that people can download and redeem in-store.  


With our app-less digital voucher system, you can enhance relationships with your tenants as you help them promote their deals and track redemptions in real time.

Other solutions for your businesses

Customer analytics dashboard

Get a 360 view of your mall shoppers and track all interactions across offline and online touchpoints. You can harness these data to create audience segments and automate re-engagement easily.  

Automated re-engagement

Reengage customers who downloaded a voucher, visited your mall, or bought from your tenant’s stores via SMS or email.  



Guide to the Metaverse

Is your mall ready to enter the Metaverse? 

In this guide, we’ve shared the top 5 mall experiences (with examples) that you can launch in the Metaverse to engage shoppers and drive them to your shopping malls.  

Get your free copy today!  

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