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This is the story of how a local furniture brand with 3 outlets across Singapore and a sister brand in Malaysia went from marketing using magazine features to achieving 20x more sales, by targeting and activating the recent home buyers.


Most furniture brand owners would agree that a buyer does not usually enter your store by accident. Most buyers start their research process online which means you and your brand need to be in front of the right buyers at the right time and you need the right mechanic to trigger customers to take action and visit your show room.


This guide will detail how you can target and drive the right shoppers to your store, to help you increase your furniture sales.

About the Brand

This furniture brand is an upscale furniture brand selling fine home décor and designer European furniture ranging from sofas, bedding, dining tables and more.  They have 3 outlets across Singapore however 2 of the stores are located in industrial estates with minimal organic traffic.

Their Priority

Even though they had done several magazine features for their products, they have not been able to meaningfully increase their mindshare among their target audience – young couples who were moving into new homes.


Their immediate priority was to be able to reach these shoppers in a highly targeted manner and to activate these prospective shoppers to visit their furniture showroom.


They were confident that if the shoppers were to visit their showroom, they would be able to convert the customers with the craftsmenship and Scandivanian inspired furniture.

The Challenge

The main challenge faced by the brand was a lack of awareness for its products and therefore there were very few furniture buyers who were actively searching for and visiting the showroom. Coupled by the fact that, there was no organic traffic and visibility for the store, both stores had very weak visitors.

Her 4 Prong Strategy to Growing

Prong 1 – Target Real Estate New Home Owners using Geo-Fencing 

Based on the brand’s objectives, this furniture brand leveraged on SKALE’s real estate targeting sets and built-in geofencing capabilities to target the most actionable shoppers, specifically people who are actively looking for furniture and home décor


In particular the furniture brand chose to target the following


People who recently moved into new homes / homes that are completing within the year


Geo-fence (200m) targeting of newly completed homes


People who are actively looking for furniture


People interested in furniture sales and home renovation or styling services

Prong 2 – Created a Downloadable Digital Voucher for Furniture


Previously, the brand would communicate promotions through EDM to their existing customer database and by posting up the information on their Facebook Page.


Instead of doing just that, the furniture brand took the promotion and converted the promotion into a Downloadable Digital Voucher using SKALE. He then took the Digital Voucher and pushed an Ad on Facebook, Instagram, Google Search and on the top local websites through PushAds. In particular, he chose to run the PushAd targeting the audience selected in Prong 1. 


Now, any targeted Shopper could download the Digital Vouchers by Submitting their Name, Email and Mobile. The best part is, the furniture brand could build up a customer database, and an automated SMS and Email would be send to the Shoppers to trigger them to take action and visit the store.


Brand achieved 385 voucher downloads for their sale event 

Prong 3 – Tracking those who converted in-store


The furniture brand was able to track the effectiveness of the Digital Vouchers through a unique set of 6-digit pin code that was generated for all 3 stores.


Each of the outlets would have a unique set of pin code which allowed them to have Real-Time visibility on “Who visited the showroom, which outlet they went to and how much they spent in-store”


Brand saw a 29% voucher redemption rate and total sales of S$69,000

Prong 4 – Re-engaging the Shoppers who matter

Previously, the furniture brand had no way of knowing who was interested in their promotion. By using Digital Vouchers, the brand knew who had downloaded the vouchers, and who had or had not used the Digital Vouchers instore.


What the brand did next was to then automate SKALE Personalized SMS-es to the prospective furniture buyers who had downloaded voucher but had not used them in-store. From thereon, the Brand was able to further increase the redemption rates in-store. 

The Results


Voucher Downloads in first month


Voucher Redemption Rate

Sales of


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