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The Challenges Faced by FMCG and CPG Companies

Knowing who your in-store and online shoppers are

FMCG/ CPG brands sell products via its network of channel partners and online marketplaces. Retailers do not share customer data with FMCG brands and brands struggle to develop a consistent strategy to build up customer data

Going direct-to-

Without a simple and scalable way to identify in-store and online shoppers, brands will not be able to build direct-to-consumer relationships be it for direct sales or to develop a better understanding of your shoppers

Unable to go beyond awareness ads to effective ROI-driven FMCG / CPG Ads

The lionshare of FMCG /CPG sale is still happening offline / in-store. Brands do not have a way of tracking and attributing in-store / online sales to ads. Coupled with tightening of cookie policies, brands have limited levers to optimize Ad Performance

Retailer house brands and DTC brands pose a threat to existing FMCG / CPG brands

Retailers have direct insights on their shopper’s behaviour and preferences. Brands need to have access to their shopper’s data to defend the FMCG / CPG business model 

What can you achieve with SKALE

Capture your shopper’s customer data and develop a rich understanding of their shopping behaviour in-store without retailer dependency or POS integration across 365 days. Harness the customer data to deliver gamified and data-driven personalized experiences to build long-term customer relationships 

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Collect Customer Data In-Store without POS Integration and Retailer Dependency

Seamlessly launch FMCG / CPG-branded Digital Modules designed to incentivize and capture customer data (Name, Email, Mobile, Transaction Amount, Store and more). From Digital Vouchers, Smart Receipts, Gamification, Whatsapp Receipt Campaigns and more, begin to capture customer data even before they make a purchase with your brand

receipt scanning and smart rewards

Automated FMCG / CPG Receipt Data Processing

SKALE’s Smart Receipts feature allows FMCG / CPG brands to automate receipt processing and approval with real-time visibility on each transaction data. Incentivize shoppers to upload receipts through Gamification & manage rewards using SKALE’s Smart Rewards feature that scores the lifetime value of every shopper

All your FMCG / CPG Customer Data in 1 Platform

SKALE connects customer data from your marketing campaigns, digital footprint, receipt data, in-store engagement, digital behaviour from your website / app and other touchpoints to develop a holistic view of your shoppers. Harness these data to create audience segments and automate re-engagement easily

Case Study

See how an FMCG company increased footfall, basket size, and repeat purchases throughout the year while consistently capturing customer data in-store.

In-Store Footfall

Basket Size

Repeat Purchases

Other solutions for your businesses

Make shopping fun with gamification

From digital stamp cards to augmented reality, we offer a suite of gamification solutions that can engage shoppers and build your first-party database.

Increase Average Order Value (AOV) with personalization

Leverage customer data to deliver targeted and personalized cross-selling/upselling campaigns using SKALE’s automated re-engagement features.

An FMCG Marketer’s Guide to First Party Data Collection

Learn how to get your shoppers’ data in-store without relying on third-party cookies or retailers

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