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SKALE FMCG chatbot: Directly engage offline and online shoppers

The key to repeat sales and FMCG shopper loyalty, even without a loyalty program

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SKALE Enterprise Solutions

Trusted by over 7,000 offline and omnichannel businesses globally

Why SKALE Enterprise Solutions

SKALE Enterprise Solutions make it extremely simple for you to get more in-store shoppers, and measure offline data such as in-store purchases, footfall, and first-party data using a chatbot WhatsApp marketing campaign.

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Lift in in-store sales

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Increase in O2O ROI

Real-time tracking of offline data

First party data collection

Collect and enrich customer profiles

Say farewell to anonymous data. Supercharge your first party data collection.

Get direct access to your shoppers and collect their names, mobile numbers, purchase locations, products bought, and emails once conversations start. 

You can also develop rich customer profiles all year round by launching surveys, quizzes, and polls using the SKALE FMCG chatbot. 

Personalize experiences

The SKALE Chatbot remembers every action of your shoppers, and it can personalize their experiences by:

Automating reminders based on their first-party and purchase data

Tailoring offers based on their product preferences

Giving out rewards or points based on how they’ve engaged with your brand

Reward customers across offline and online sales channels

Automatically verify online and offline receipts and instantly reward shoppers based on their purchasing behavior.

Every submission is recorded in our analytics dashboard. No manual work or POS integration needed.

Our chatbot technology will help you run an effective WhatsApp marketing campaign which can drive sales and product innovation. 

Gamify customer experiences

Whether you’re running a sales promotion or a holiday campaign, the FMCG WhatsApp chatbot can help you capture and engage customers with built-in games like Spin & Win, Digital Scratch Cards, Digital Stamp Cards, and more.

You can run a chatbot marketing campaign using a WhatsApp campaign or other popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and Telegram. 

Other Features

Fast track your Marketing campaign

Smart receipts

Verify receipts automatically in less than 2 seconds.

Chat templates

Create customer journeys with an intuitive conversation flow editor.


Launch built-in games for every customer action.

Follow-up scheduler

Schedule personalized messages and offers across your audience segments.

Rewards marketplace

Collect points and give out tailored rewards via the chatbot

Advanced analytics

Track every action, conversion, and purchase in our analytics dashboard

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