How Fonterra’s foodservice arm, Anchor Food Professionals drove diners back to 1,000 restaurants in Malaysia and Brunei

SKALE’s initiative with Anchor Food Professionals, titled “Smile with Cheese” is a Finalist in MARKies – Most Creative Campaign Pivot for its response to COVID-19 lockdown

Client Overview

Fonterra’s foodservice business, Anchor Food Professionals is widely recognized as a brand that provides chefs high quality dairy ingredients to create superior and great tasting food.

The Challenge

Anchor Food Professionals’ F&B partners have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular curbs to dining-in and travel have resulted in weak customer spending and significantly less revenue.

The Objective

Overview of Campaign

Anchor Legendairy Smile With Cheese was a highly publicized nationwide experiential campaign to drive recovery among restaurants and create localised hype for Anchor Cheese dishes made by the restaurants.


To meet the brand’s objectives, SKALE created a nationwide multi-channel campaign combining 4 key prongs to drive thousands of customers to return to Anchor Food Professionals’ partner restaurants and to evoke a sense of excitement for dishes created with Anchor Dairy Goodness across the nation.

The Solution

Develop a 1 stop platform featuring each Partner Restaurant and their dishes

Developed a 1-Stop Platform for AFP featuring all its Partner Restaurants and Anchor Cheese Dishes, including direct and easy to use links to each restaurant’s website, social media and delivery platform. More importantly, diners could easily navigate to the restaurants that are closest and most relevant to them.

SKALE implemented Digital Gamification on 1-Stop Platform for Anchor Food Professionals to drive trackable sales in-store

To drive diners to convert, SKALE implemented a highly Gamified Digital Spin & Win to engage Diners In-Store to upload receipt from Anchor Food Professional’s partner restaurants for a chance to win attractive gifts.


Based on the receipt, SKALE was able to track in-store conversions real time and optimize the performance of the campaign based on real-time signals and consumer sentiments.


More importantly, SKALE was able to automate personalized recommendations on nearby restaurants with Anchor Cheese dishes, to each shopper based on their receipt data.


The ability to capture and act on the customer insights immediately, also allowed Anchor Food Professionals to identify who their prospective end-diners are and immediately drive these diners to the relevant food delivery platforms when the city curbed dine-in.

Acquire prospective shoppers nearby with Geo-Fencing

SKALE launched hundreds of highly targeted multi-channel ads for each of the key participating restaurants featuring videos of their chef’s preparing Anchor Cheese inspired dishes. All marketing was designed to drive in-store conversions and actions (dine in-store, upload receipt, engage in spin and win)


By integrating SKALE’s proprietary 100m geofencing, SKALE ensured that ads were delivered to capture the most actionable diners in the catchment areas around each restaurant.

Building up a customer database for Anchor Food Professionals’ partner restaurants

SKALE’s solution enabled the client to capture the customer data of every diner who participated, including a wealth of insights on their preferred restaurants and dishes. This enabled the brand to build upon the insights to drive more success with every campaign launched by Anchor Food Professionals.


SKALE is currently supporting Anchor Food Professionals in 2021 with a highly gamified Digital Stamp Card campaign. Try it now at :


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