How One of the Largest Lifestyle Mall and Real Estate Groups in Asia, Collaborated with SKALE to Drive Footfall Rebound, 7 digit tenant sales and High Quality Recurring Shoppers

Client Overview

One of the largest shopping mall groups in Malaysia with ~10 lifestyle retail malls across various cities in Malaysia from Kuala Lumpur, Penang and more. Beyond its mall portfolio in Malaysia, the group also has one of the widest portfolio of global retail malls, commercial buildings and residential real estate globally.

Mall Challenge

The Objective

Overview of Campaign

SKALE introduced a Nationwide Digital Stamp Card challenge for all participating malls within the Client’s portfolio, allowing Shoppers an opportunity to win attractive prizes and Digital Vouchers from the mall upon unlocking various tiers of stamps



By creating a Web-based Stamp Card experience, Shoppers did not have to install any app to participate, further bolstering its shopper participation rate.



Shoppers could collect a Stamp each time they uploaded a receipt from a participating tenant store or when they scanned a tenant’s unique QR Code in-store. Upon completing 3 stamps or more, shoppers will be able to unlock new rewards, further perpetuating repeat visits to the mall

The Solution

Geo-Fencing and Building Up A Customer Database

To acquire new shoppers and trigger them to visit the mall, SKALE introduced its proprietary geo-fencing capability by delivering highly targeted ads (as narrow as 100m – 5km) to the most relevant shoppers around each mall, optimizing to capture the most high value shoppers.


Shoppers could easily participate in the Digital Stamp Card by registering and submitting their contact details (Name, Email, Mobile), allowing this contact details captured to be synced directly with the Mall’s CRM.


More importantly, SKALE was able to support the mall in closing the data loop, beginning with the source of every new Shopper (e.g. Ads) to building up a wealth of data about each shopper starting from capturing personally identifiable contact details to their preferred mall, tenant store sales and total mall spending across tenants on a real-time basis.

Driving Specific Tenant Sales

To incentivize Shoppers to spend across key tenant categories, the Digital Stamp Card was designed to introduce specific challenges for each category (e.g Spend RM50 in any of the participating F&B stores).


For specific lifestyle and retail categories, SKALE combined the objective of driving sales conversion with enhancing overall basket size of shopper spend by setting higher spend thresholds within the challenge. By doing so, SKALE further optimized its geo-fencing to capture the highest value shoppers in each mall vicinity.

Converting High Quality Shoppers to App Users

The Digital Stamp Card allowed the Mall to have real-time visibility on sales converted in each tenant store and be able to identify the highest value shoppers based on total average spend, frequency of spend and top spend categories.


Through that, SKALE was able to identify which of these Shoppers were new to the mall and automatically trigger an automated message to invite the Shoppers to install the Mall’s App.

Reminding Shoppers to return to Mall, post Pandemic

More importantly, SKALE’s solution enabled Mall to not only build up a customer database, but to be able to leverage on the contact details captured to trigger personalized reminders to Shoppers to return to the mall post pandemic.


0 x ROAS
with Total Attributable Sales of over 7 Digit
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